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How to Add Download Links to Shopify Order Confirmation Email

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Last updated on 9 December 2022

It’s not possible to input the download links directly into the Shopify confirmation email because this is created by Shopify and not our app. There is a great method to get around this that allows your customers to access their links via this confirmation email.

The best method is to tell your customers to create an account or log in to an existing account, and then access their download links via their account order page.

What do I need?

What plan do I need for the?

You will need to unlock the customer accounts feature on the “Professional” plan.

How to do it

Step 1 – Go to the order confirmation editor

  1. Go to the Shopify settings
  2. Go to ‘Notifications’
  3. Click ‘Order confirmation’
settings order confirmation

Step 2 – Place the code

Once opened, you will need to copy some text to the part of the email that you want to place it to. We would recommend placing it here in the red box:

code goes here email

Where the red box displayed above is, copy & paste this text (make sure you change the URLs in the text to your store’s URLs):

<h3>Download your files here</h3>

<a target='_blank' href=''>Click here to login</a> or <a target='_blank' href=''>create an account</a> using the same email that you used for the order. You can access your downloads inside your order page by clicking on the order number.<br><br><br>

Your digital products will be delivered in these locations:<br>
<li>An email with the download links will be sent to you alongside this email (check the spam folder if you didn’t receive the email):</li><br>
<li>Download links appear on the 'Thank you' page after purchase</li><br>
<li>Download links display in your customer account order page. If you did not create an account at checkout, then you can create one using the email that you used to purchase. You can then find the downloads on the order page</li>

It will look like this:

example of email

Make sure that you change the URLs inside the text to your store’s login and create account URLs. You can find them easily by going onto your website and clicking the profile icon in the header.

Feel free to adjust and change this text to suit your store, this is just a rough template for you.

The final email will look like this

The final template will look like this adjusted version. You can, of course, customise it to suit you best, but we have given you a guideline on the text you can use.

Normal email

shopify email confirmations

Adjusted email

shopify order confirmation adjusted

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