Allow Customers to Upload Files on your Shopify Store

This works by integrating Filemail’s uploader code into your store. This will allow customers to upload files from your store’s pages directly to your Filemail account. From here, you can download the files.

Most users would be customising personalised digital products when allowing customers to upload files. If you are doing this, you will need the Fileflare app to deliver those digital files back to your customers. You can use Filemail servers with Fileflare by adding them using URL assets.

What do I need?

How to set it up

From this point, I am assuming that you have a Shopify store already and that you have signed up for the Filemail business plan trial.

If you want to deliver any personalised digital products to your customers, then you will also need to install Fileflare onto your store.

The below steps are based on the method to allow store owners to sell personalised digital products.

1. Implement the Filemail uploader to your store

Once you have got a business account, you will have unlocked the uploader feature.

1.1 Find or create the page to add the uploader

Create a page on your store, or find a location where you will add the uploader. The uploader will be added using a short snippet of code that you get from Filemail.

If you are creating a page, simply go to your Shopify dashboard > Online store > Pages > click the “Add page” button.

add page

1.2 Get the Filemail uploader code

Go to this Filemail link to get the uploader code, and then scroll down to the heading “Integrate uploader in a form”, as shown in red below. Copy the code.


1.3 Paste the code to the page

Now paste the code onto your page in Shopify.

If you have created a new page, you will need to paste the code in the HTML section.

show html page code

Once you have pasted the code, then click “Save“.

paste code

Example of the uploader in action

This is the code in action on our example page. It’s very simple because we only placed it on an example page with a title. You can place this uploader anywhere on your page.

upload example

2. Delivering customised digital files to customers

Now, if you are looking to customise the digital file in some way and then deliver it back to the customer, you can do this using the Fileflare Shopify app.

This allows you to attach digital files to an existing order and then send a download email to the customer. It also has the ability to show the digital downloads inside the customer accounts if you have the Premium plan.

2.1 Get the Fileflare app

Simply get the Fileflare app from the Shopify app store by clicking “Add app” and following the steps.

You will need to get a free 7-day trial of any paid plan to unlock the ability to attach files to an existing order.

dda digital assets

2.2 Import previous orders (optional)

You only need to do this if you want to attach files to any previous order that you had in your store from before you installed the app. If you don’t need to import previous orders, then go to step 2.3.

To import previous orders, go to “Settings” > “Import previous orders” > then click the import button.

2.3 Upload your digital file(s)

You can do this by:

  1. Go to the “Assets” page
  2. Click “Upload new asset”
  3. Upload your file or files

2.4 Go to an order page in the app

  1. Simply go to the “Orders” page in the top navigation
  2. Click on an order
click on an order

2.5 Attach the file to the order

Now all you need to do is click the “Attach additional asset” button, then choose the asset to attach to the order.

attach additional asset

2.6 Resend the download email

You can now click the “Resend email” button to resend a new download email to the customer that includes the attached file.

resend the download email

You can edit the email templates by going to “Settings” > Edit email templates. See our email template customisation guide.

Customer account downloads

You can also inform your customers that they can access their digital files inside their customer accounts. You will need to enable the customer account downloads feature.

Customers can create a new account using the email that they used for their purchase, and they will see their order inside the account.


If you get stuck or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can guide you.