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How to Automatically Fulfil Digital Products in Shopify Orders

automatically fulfil digital products

Downloadable Digital Assets has the option to automatically fulfil digital products in Shopify orders as long as you have a digital file to deliver for that digital product. This means that all your digital products will always be automatically fulfilled, even when physical products are ordered at the same time.

Using this method below will also stop the Shopify shipping confirmation email from being sent for digital product fulfilment.

Please note:

Automatic fulfilment of digital products in an order can take up to 60 seconds to process.

When a customer is presented with a post-purchase, upsell or cross-sell at checkout, and the customer closes the page without declining the upsell/cross-sell, then the automatic fulfil will be held for 1 hour before the app can fulfil the product. This is a limitation caused by Shopify.

The digital files will still be delivered to the customer directly after purchase. When we refer to “Fulfil”, it means Shopify’s order page in the Shopify admin.

Make sure you are using the Downloadable Digital Assets app

Using the Downloadable Digital Assets app on your store will allow you to auto fulfil digital products with downloads attached without needing any manual work.

Using this app will allow you to automatically fulfil digital products in any order. This will leave the physical products unfulfilled.

Please note: the app only fulfils digital products in Shopify orders if they have a digital file to deliver for that digital product. If the product has no digital files to be delivered, then the app will not fulfil it.

downloadable digital assets

How to make sure the digital products are automatically fulfilled

Digital products will be automatically fulfilled only if you have these enabled:

Marked your product as digital in Shopify

  1. You can do this by going to your product on the Shopify Products page
  2. Scrolling down to the Shipping section
  3. Disable the checkbox “This is a physical product“. This will allow Shopify to tell us the product is digital and we can automatically fulfil it.

Enable the setting “Automatically mark digital products as ‘Fulfilled’ in Shopify orders” in our app

Note: Digital products will not be fulfilled if they have zero assets attached to the product. Once files are attached to the digital product, then they can be auto-fulfilled.

Enable the setting in our app

  1. (This setting is automatically enabled after installation)
  2. You can do this by going to the Downloadable Digital Assets app
  3. Go to the “Settings” page
  4. Go to “Additional settings
  5. Make sure the setting “Automatically mark digital products as ‘Fulfilled’ in Shopify orders” is enabled
digital orders be fulfilled

This is all that you need to do to allow your digital products to be automatically fulfilled in Shopify.

This is an example of how the order will appear if you have both physical and digital products in one order.

partially fulfilled orders shopify

If you want to learn more about selling digital products, please visit our tutorials for more, or watch our walkthrough video below showing how to install and set up.

Fulfilling digital products without delivering digital files

If you want to fulfil the digital product in Shopify orders, but don’t need to deliver a file with it, then you will need to use a different application alongside this one.

You can use an app such as Auto Fulfill.

Note: this has not been tested, but it may solve it by fulfilling digital products on Shopify orders that have no files attached to deliver.

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