What’s the Best Digital Downloads App for Shopify?

There are so many digital download apps on the Shopify app store, but which one does what you need best? Read below to find out the best digital downloads app for Shopify.

Behind the scenes at Fileflare, we have over a decade of experience as app developers and Shopify experts, so we know how to create the right digital product delivery app.

We had found, after making a bunch of digital product stores on Shopify, that there was something missing. The apps that were on the market just weren’t cutting it. Either failing to deliver or having a very confusing user interface, we had to solve this issue for ourselves & everyone else.

This is why we came along and crafted our own digital downloads app that solves all the issues we faced. For this reason, we will show you why our app stands out for delivering digital downloads on Shopify.

Quick overview

The best method to sell digital downloads on Shopify is the Fileflare Digital Downloads app. You can install it from the Shopify app store. It’s a favourite for many Shopify experts and was created by Shopify developers.

Install the app here.

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Important features you need in a digital downloads app on Shopify


Automating your store can be one of the most beneficial things you can do. Digital Assets can automate your store, giving you more time to work on the things that matter most for your business.

Once you have set up the workflow, our app delivers the digital products automatically, eliminating all manual processes.


Stats are really important, giving you the knowledge of who, where and how your customers are downloading.

Digital Assets provides a stats page where you can see statistics such as the total amount of downloads, the total bandwidth used, total storage used.

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Traffic & bandwidth usage

You can also track each order on the order pages with information such as:

  • How many times has the customer attempted the downloads
  • How much bandwidth they used
  • See the IP addresses of every download
  • Web browser information
  • What date and time was each download taken
order traffic

Email tracking

Learn more about Email Tracking.

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Digital file protection

Digital download app file protection is important because we want our digital products to be protected. There’s nothing worse than trying to run a business, and your customers are sharing their digital downloads with everyone for free!


Secure & controllable URLs

With the Digital Assets app, download links will be delivered in a secure & controllable URL, where you can add limitations for your customers.

Add IP address limitations to downloads

One of our favourite features for preventing your customers from sharing their download links is – only allowing your customer to download from a number of IP addresses.

Expiring links

You can also block customers from accessing their digital downloads by expiring their links. Another feature is being able to set limitations such as time expiry, download amount limits and much more.

PDF Stamping

Also, you can stamp PDFs with the customers’ personal details and lock it so they cannot remove them. You can learn how to use PDF Stamping here.

Different way for your customers to download assets

It’s important to be able to access your downloads in a variety of ways. Nowadays, we all get bombarded with spam emails. Therefore our email accounts sometimes send important mail to the spam folder. This is hard to avoid in this day of age. Different mail service providers have different levels of spam filters.

With Digital Assets, we make sure that your customers can download their assets in a variety of ways so they will never miss their downloads:

  • Via email
  • On the ‘Thank you’ checkout summary page
  • In their customer accounts

Once all of these are set up in your store, your customers will never miss their digital downloads.

Security & reliability

Security is the most important. When you’re dealing with valuable assets, you want everything to be ultra-secure. This is where reliability comes in also. The app needs to be up and running 100% of the time, constantly doing its job and delivering those digital products, never missing an order.

Full brand customisation

Every brand has its own guidelines. Therefore you need an app that can blend in with your brand.

Luckily, Digital Assets provides complete customisation for everything so you can add your own text, styles and logos.

Which app can deliver these features best for my Shopify store?

The Fileflare app is designed to work alongside Shopify’s platform to deliver digital downloads automatically and reliably. This removes the need to spend time manually delivering digital downloads to your customers.

All the important features above are included in Digital Assets, giving you the ability to give your customers a great experience. The app has a range of unique features. Please see below.

Unique features of the Fileflare app

Digital Assets provides features that no other digital download app provides. Some of which:

Fraud protection

Our fraud protection syncs with Shopify’s fraud detection system directly, reading all potentially fraudulent orders. Once Shopify flags a medium or high-risk order, our app allows you to block the downloads being sent to the order until you thoroughly review it. You can then send the download email if you feel the order is trustworthy.

Set custom limitations

It’s possible to set limits for your customers’ downloads, such as download amounts, time expiry and more.

Limit customers to only be allowed to download from 1 IP address

This feature is unique to our app and immensely useful. This prevents customers from sharing digital files with others.

Easy-to-use interface

We’ve crafted the easiest-to-use interface out of all the Shopify digital download apps. After facing so many issues with other user interfaces, we decided to find what didn’t work with them and make them better.

Best value

We found the perfect price point for such a utility app. Offering a free plan is crucial to us, helping any newcomer into the scene by providing them with a low-cost strategy. Then our plans are built to grow as you grow.

The Pricing plans feature the ‘Free‘ plan, ‘Basic‘ plan, ‘Growth‘ plan and the ‘Premium‘ plan.

See more of the Fileflare features below:


How do I use the Fileflare Shopify app?

We’ve made it super easy to use Fileflare. It’s as simple as 3 easy steps:

  1. Install Fileflare onto your store
  2. Upload your digital assets
  3. Attach the assets to your Shopify products

Visit the beginner’s guide to learn how to use it properly with a bunch of tips.

Please note: Your products are automatically synced from your Shopify store to Fileflare, so there’s no need to create new products like other apps make you do.

Here is a video showing the 2-step process with some extras:

If you need any help with setting up our app, please contact us, and we will get back to you right away.

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