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how to edit email templates digital assets

We are currently working on an update that will revamp the email templates and customisations. This will be released in due course.

Which plan do I need for this feature?

It’s possible to edit email templates if you have the Scale plan or higher. This allows you (the store) to customise messaging for your fulfilment & update digital download emails.

Video tutorial

How to edit the title & subject of the email

You can edit your ‘Subject line‘ and ‘From name‘ on the email templates page. Go to Settings > Edit email templates.

subject editor

By default:

  • From name: (Your store name)
  • Subject: (Your store name) – assets to download from your recent order

How to edit the email templates

Step 1 – Go to Settings

Once you load the Downloadable Digital Assets app, go to the ‘Settings’ page.

Step 2 – Click the button ‘Edit email template’

You can find this button at the top of the ‘Settings’ page.

Step 3 – Customise your email templates

Here you can edit your email templates by using our text editor. You have the option to use HTML or the standard text editor.

email tempaltes

Standard default text in the email

Hi (customer name),

Thank you for your recent order with (store).

You can download your files with the following links:

  • (Assets)


Standard default email example

This is the default email template. You can customise it completely if you have the Scale plan or higher.

You can also send these emails from your own email address if you have the Professional plan or higher.

default email

HTML default text if you want to customise it

You can edit the default HTML by copying and pasting this text:

<p>Hi (customer name),</p>

<p>Thank you for your recent order with (store name).</p

<p>You can download your files with the following links:</p>



How to restore to the default template

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