Email Tracking: Everything You Need To Know

Email Tracking is a unique feature that other digital download apps don’t have on Shopify.

You can find this feature on the “Order” pages. If you go to the app > go to “Orders” > click on an order > scroll down to Email Tracking.

What plan do I need?

You will need the Growth plan or higher to unlock Email Tracking.

Reasons why it’s helpful

Some reasons why Email Tracking is helpful are:

  • Some customers claim they have not received the email and go to their bank to file a chargeback saying they have not received the products.
  • Understand how customers interact with your emails.
  • Increases trust and professionalism
  • Improves your overall brand

About Email Tracking

This gives you the ability to see:

  • If your customer has opened the email
  • If the email has bounced
  • Type of email that was sent
  • If there was an email sent

Note: Email tracking takes about 5 minutes to update on the order page. This is due to the email system updating and sending us the data to show.

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Types of emails