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My customer received a 403 Forbidden error message, what is it?


A 403 Forbidden message means that your customer has hit a download limit that you have set in the global limitations. Please check the download limitations page to see what limits you have set for your customers, and then check the order page in Fileflare to see if they have reached that limit.

For example, if you set a download limit of 2, once your customer tries to download for the 3rd time, they will receive this page that they have hit their download limit and that they need to contact the store.

You can increase the limit for an individual order easily by going to the order page in Fileflare and overriding the global limits.

  1. Go to the order page in Fileflare
  2. Uncheck the “Use global limitations” checkbox
  3. Enter a new number on the limit
limitation resetting

How can I change the language of my delivery emails & download box?

You can change the language by editing the email templates & customising the download box for the customer accounts and Thank You page. You can learn how to change the language here.

My digital products are not automatically fulfilling, how can I fix it?

Please make sure you have read our checklist. It’s important because you need to make sure your Shopify store is set up correctly to sell digital products.

Please make sure you check numbers 1, 5, and 6. They are all related to fulfilment.

Is there a way to send a direct download link to a customer to give a free download?

Good way of selling free sample products:
Usually, the best way to give free sample files is by setting up a free sample product in Shopify, connecting a file to it using Fileflare, and get the customer to buy the free product. This means you can collect the email and details of the customer to later market to them. Learn how to create a free Shopify product and sell digital downloads.
Sending a direct download link:
Currently, the only way to send a direct link to someone without them placing an order is by copying a download link from an existing order download email, thank you page, or customer account links. A good way to do this is by creating a test order in your store and then copying the download link from the email that you receive, and then sending it to the customer.

My customers said they didn't receive the download email, how do I make sure they get downloads 100% of the time?

The main reason why they hadn’t received the download email is that their mail server possibly thought the email was spam. Unfortunately, there is a lot of spam these days, and mail servers are overwhelmed and sometimes get it wrong. This is completely unavoidable.

Designed for deliverability

We have designed the email template to have the best deliverability it can have and with the most trustworthy design for mail servers to trust it. That’s why our email delivery system is the best it can be.

Use appropriate wording in your email, subject line, and from name

This includes the subject line and the name on the email. If you do customise the email, be careful with the wording so that it doesn’t sound like “marketing”. If you use spammy buzzwords and emojis, mail servers are going to think the email is spam. Learn more.

The best setup for delivering digital products

The best setup to make sure your customers receive files 100% of the time is to:

  1. Enable checkout Thank You page download links (available on all paid plans)
  2. Enable customer account download links (Available on the Premium plan)

Both of these options have 100% deliverability. They will appear in both locations 100% of the time.

Do you take commission for my sales?

No! We don’t take any commission for any of your sales.

My customer did not get the download email.

You can resend download emails for the orders page and update the email address if needed.

Also, please inform your customer that sometimes emails fall into the spam folder and to check there. This happens because some email systems have different levels of security. Sometimes just a specific word can cause your emails to fall into spam. Learn more about email deliverability and why emails go to spam.

Also, please look at the checklist in case you haven’t got your store set up for digital products correctly.

Can I fulfil digital products in an order without delivering a file?

Yes, you can do this with Fileflare. You will need to follow our digital product fulfil guide to find out how.

My customers are getting a '403 Invalid Signature' error when clicking on a link

This is usually caused by Chrome apps installed on the browser that change the URL.

Inform your customers to open up the downloads in an incognito window or a different browser to access them instantly.

Please make sure Ad Blocker is turned off, and if the issue persists, you will need to delete some Chrome apps one-by-one to find which app is causing the issue.

Learn more about troubleshooting download issues.

Can you update a file & notify customers for a URL asset?

Yes, it’s possible to update a file when using URL Assets and inform customers who have bought it.

You can also update a file when uploading the file to our servers, or uploading to an attached server of your own.

If you want to update a file for a URL asset, you will need to update it yourself in your external platform and then edit the URL asset link with the new one. You will be notified in the 4th step of editing the URL asset if you want to let your customers know.

You can edit this email template in the “Edit email templates” section in Settings.

Learn more about updating a URL asset and notifying customers who have bought it.

Can I attach the pre-order asset after the orders have happened?

Yes, you can. The pre-order asset will deliver to everyone who has ordered the product it is attached to, even if they ordered the product before the asset was attached to it. Learn more about the pre-orders in this tutorial.

What will customers receive when the pre-order release time is hit?

What happens if I have multiple assets for a single product pre-order?

A new email will be sent for each asset, even if the emails are sent at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is for now.

If you don’t like this method, you can use the Customer Account method. This way all the assets will dynamically load into the customer accounts, then you can send a marketing email to your customers informing them that the newly updated assets are available in their account order pages.

What timezone is the pre-order time in?

The date/time calendar is set using your local computer time. Please keep this in mind if you are in a different timezone to your store.

Is there a way to manually send download emails?

Yes, you can manually send download emails by going to:

  1. The “Orders” page
  2. Click on an order
  3. Click the “Send now” button (or if you have sent an email already it will show “Resend download email”.

Does updating a file send out emails automatically?

When updating a file, you will be prompted with a notification asking whether you want to send an update email to customers who have purchased this file. Learn more about how the update asset feature works.

You will also be asked if you want to edit the update email or if you want to customise the email template.

Learn how to customise the email templates here.

When an order is placed, can you automatically fulfil a digital product if no assets are attached to it?

No, you will need to attach assets to the digital product to fulfil it automatically.

Do customers without accounts get download emails too?

Yes, all customers will receive download emails, unless you disable them.

Click here to learn how to disable the automatic emails.

Do emails get automatically sent when someone purchases?

Yes, customers will automatically receive emails once they have placed an order.

Click here to learn how to disable the automatic emails.

Is it possible to load in orders from before installing your app?

Yes, you can load all orders that your Shopify store has had by going to “Settings” > “Import previous orders” located in the left navigation.

If you have already clicked the load button, this option will be hidden. Please contact us for manual order import.

Plans & bandwidth

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes! You can do this by going to the app > go to ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Change your plan’ > change your plan here.

Is the plan storage allowance per file or total?

The total amount of storage space. For example if you have 10GB on your plan, you will only be allowed to upload 10GB worth of files. You could upload 2 x 5GB files if you wanted.

Where can I see how much storage I have left?

You can find this on the ‘Assets’ page. You can also find it on the ‘Stats’ page if you have a paid plan.

Is the free plan completely free?

Yes, the free plan is permanently free. You can always have the option to upgrade to a paid plan with a 7-day free trial or downgrade back to the free plan anytime you want.

Can I use your app for free?

Yes! We offer a free plan with some features, try us out and upgrade if you want more features.

Can the customer still download assets after an order is cancelled/refunded?

No. The links are disabled using our intelligent URL security system.

If I downgrade my plan from 20GB to 5GB, and I have more than 5GB of storage, will I lose everything?

No, you won’t lose anything. You just will not be able to upload or update any assets until you upgrade or delete some.

Do URL assets count towards my storage limits?

No, URL assets do not apply to your storage limits. This means you can have unlimited URLs as assets using our app.

If I uninstall the app, will all my assets be deleted?

Yes, Shopify sends us a request to delete all of your store data sometime within 48 hours after uninstalling the app. All of your Shopify data and uploaded assets will be permanently deleted as soon as Shopify send us the request. This can take place anytime within the 48 hours.

Shopify’s note when uninstalling: We’ll send a request to the app developer to delete all personal customer information unless you add the app again within 48 hours. Learn more about data privacy.


How does the fraud protection work?

We have integrated with Shopify’s fraud system. This allows us to track orders “risk status”. Just head into the settings and set the level you want to be alerted for (low, medium, high). We detect the risk status and then depending on your setting we will send the download email.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do have an API available, you can see the API documentation here.

How do I attach a personalised file to an order?

Please see our detailed tutorial on how to deliver personalised assets to your customers. Read below for a quick guide:

  • Upload your personalised file by going to the ‘Assets’ page > then upload the file(s).
  • Go to the ‘Orders’ page > click on the order you want to attach the files to > click the button Attach additional asset. Once you have attached the asset(s) you can send the download email, or tell the customer that their links are ready in their account (if you have this option checked in the settings).

Is there a limit to the amount of files I can attach to an order?

There is no limit on the amount of files you can attach to an order.

Can you attach files to product variants?

Yes! We sync all products and variants from Shopify and you can attach many file to them.

Do you have PDF Stamping?

Yes, our app has PDF stamping. Please see our tutorials below to learn how to use this feature:

Does PDF Stamping work with external URLs as assets?

No, our app needs to host the PDF to be able to stamp the details. When your PDF is hosted somewhere else, it’s not possible for us to control the PDF and add the stamps.

Can I attach multiple files to a product?

Yes! Every paid plan allows multiple files per product. You can learn more on our pricing page.

Can I use my own S3 server?

Yes! You can link your S3 server via our ‘Settings’ page. Please see our tutorial on how to set up your own S3.

How do I sync or import products?

All products and variants are synced automatically from Shopify. To edit any product information, please go to Shopify’s product editor and it will automatically sync to our app once you click save.

How do I attach a URL or link as an asset?

Please see our detailed guide on how to attach a URL as an asset here. For a short overview, read below.

Attach URLs for your customer to download by going to the ‘Assets‘ page, and then clicking the ‘Upload new assets‘ button.

You will be presented with a box to enter the URL of your download link, title and file size. This is fully compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, OneDrive and many more. Ensure that you attach the newly created link to a product via the products page.


Will your app slow down my store?

No. We are not part of your store/theme/Shopify code. But if you choose to display the download links in the customer accounts, you will need to place a short snippet of code into your customer account theme file.

If I change a limitation setting, will it apply to all orders?

Yes, the limitations apply to all settings automatically. The current setting will apply to all orders in the customer accounts and Thank You page. You can override the global limitations for each order by going to the order page.

Learn more about the limitation settings.

Can I import a list of assets as links using a CSV doc?

Yes, you can upload your assets via CSV by contacting us and requesting.

Does your app work with Shopify 2.0 themes?

Yes, it does!

Is there a way to add a company logo to the emails being sent?

Yes, you can add your company logo or any image you desire to the email easily.

Learn how to customise the email templates here. You can also watch a video walkthrough.

Do you have an affiliate referral program?

Yes, we do! Take a look at our affiliate program.