Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take commission for my sales?

No! We don’t take any commission for any of your sales.

How does the fraud protection work?

We have integrated with Shopify’s fraud system. This allows us to track orders “risk status”. Just head into the settings and set the level you want to be alerted for (low, medium, high). We detect the risk status and then depending on your setting we will send the download email.

Is the plan storage allowance per file or total?

The total amount of storage space. For example if you have 10GB on your plan, you will only be allowed to upload 10GB worth of files. You could upload 2 x 5GB files if you wanted.

Where can I see how much storage I have left?

You can find this on the ‘Assets’ page. You can also find it on the ‘Stats’ page if you have a paid plan.

How do I attach a personalised file to an order?

Please see our detailed tutorial on how to deliver personalised assets to your customers. Read below for a quick guide:

  1. Upload your personalised file by going to the ‘Assets’ page > then upload the file(s).
  2. Go to the Orders page > click on the order you want to attach the files to > click the button Attach additional asset. Once you have attached the asset(s) you can send the download email, or tell the customer that their links are ready in their account (if you have this option checked in the settings).

Can you attach files to product variants?

Yes! We sync all products and variants from Shopify and you can attach many file to them.

Do you have PDF Stamping?

No, we don’t have this feature yet but let us know if you are interested.

Can I use your app for free?

Yes! We offer a free plan with some features, try us out and upgrade if you want more features.

Will your app slow down my store?

No. We are not part of your store/theme/Shopify code. But if you choose to display the download links in the customer accounts, you will need to place a short snippet of code into your customer account theme file.

Can I attach multiple files to a product?

Yes! Every paid plan allows multiple files per product. You can learn more on our pricing page.

Can I use my own S3 server?

Yes! You can link your S3 server via our ‘Settings’ page. Please see our tutorial on how to set up your own S3.

My customer did not get the download email.

You can resend download emails for the orders page, and update the email address if needed.

Also, please inform your customer that sometimes emails fall into the spam folder and to check there. This happens because some email systems have different levels of security. Sometimes just a specific word can cause your emails to fall into spam. Learn more about email deliverability and why emails go to spam.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes! You can do this by going to the app > go to ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Change my plan’ > change your plan here.

If I downgrade my plan from 20GB to 5GB, and I have more than 5GB of storage, will I lose everything?

No, you won’t lose anything. You just will not be able to upload or update any assets until you upgrade or delete some.

If I uninstall the app, will all my assets be deleted?

Yes, 24 hours after uninstalling the app, all your data and assets will be permanently deleted. If you install the app again before the 24 hours are complete, you will still have your assets.

How do I sync or import products?

All products and variants are synced automatically from Shopify. To edit any product information, please go to Shopify’s product editor and it will automatically sync to our app once you click save.

Can the customer still download assets after an order is cancelled/refunded?

No. The links are disabled using our intelligent URL security system.

How do I attach a URL or link as an asset?

Please see our detailed guide on how to attach a URL as an asset here. For a short overview, read below.

Attach URLs for your customer to download by going to the ‘Assets page, then clicking the ‘Upload new assets’ button.

You will be presented with a box to enter the URL of your download link, title and file size. This is fully compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, OneDrive and many more. Ensure that you attach the newly created link to a products, via the products page.

What does 'Overage bandwidth' and 'Capped bandwidth' mean?

Overage bandwidth – from the ‘Scale’ plan and upwards, you have an allocated amount of free bandwidth to use. Any bandwidth used above this free amount will be charged an overage bandwidth charge.

Capped bandwidth – once you have used the total amount of free bandwidth on your plan, you will need to upgrade your plan to get more bandwidth.

You can see the charges on the pricing page.

When does the bandwidth get charged to my account?

The bandwidth overage fees get charged to your Shopify account on the 1st of every month at 12:00am UTC.

If I have bandwidth overage charges and I upgrade my plan to the next tier, will the new bandwidth allowance apply to my overage charge?

Yes. If you upgrade to the next tier plan and get more free bandwidth, the free bandwidth will apply to your account instantly and will reduce your overage charge amount.

You will not be charged bandwidth overage charges instantly when upgrading, only when you downgrade you will be charged instantly. Bandwidth overage charges are billed on the 1st of every month 12:00am UTC.

For example:
If you have used 350GB of bandwidth and you are on the Scale plan which includes 250GB free bandwidth, that means you will have 100GB of bandwidth overage. This will incur a $15 bandwidth overage fee at the rate of $0.15 per GB.

If you upgrade to the Professional plan before the end of the month, which includes 500GB free bandwidth, you now will not have any bandwidth overage charges. You will have only used 350GB out of your 500GB allowance.

If I downgrade my plan when I have bandwidth overage charges, will I be charged?

Yes. If you have bandwidth overage charges and you downgrade your plan, you will be charged instantly for your overage charges.

If you upgrade, you will not be charged overage charges.

If I change a limitation setting, will it apply to all orders?

No, it will not apply to all orders delivered by email. It will only apply to the orders that are delivered when this setting is enabled. You will need to resend a download email to the customer with the new settings enabled. This is because sent emails cannot be edited.

Let’s say if an email was sent to the customer with a limit of 3 downloads, then that email will always have a limit of 3, even if you change the setting. This is because the emails are sent as they are with the limits set in the URL. You will need to resend a new email with the new limits.

Customer accounts & Thank you page
Yes, the settings will apply automatically. The current setting will apply to all orders in the customer accounts and Thank You page.

My customers are getting a '403 Invalid Signature' error when clicking on a link

This is usually caused by Chrome apps installed on the browser that inspect and change the URL.

Inform your customers to open up the downloads in an incognito window or a different browser to access them instantly.

Please make sure Ad Blocker is turned off and if the issue still persists, you will need to delete some Chrome apps one-by-one to find which app is causing the issue.

Can I import a list of assets as links using a CSV doc?

Yes, you can upload your assets via CSV by contacting us and requesting.