How to Change Language in Fileflare for Delivering Digital Downloads

Fileflare has the ability for you to customise all of the public text in the app. It’s important to be able to do this for many reasons.

Around 83% of the world doesn’t speak English. You need to be able to cater for these people if your company is locally based or strictly in a specific language. Find out how to change the language in the Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify app below.

What you need

There are three places where the customers will see their downloads:

  • Checkout page language customisation – you will need the Basic plan to unlock the download box on the checkout page. This will also allow you to customise the text.
  • Email language customisation – you will need the Growth plan to unlock the email template customisation, which enables you to customise the text.
  • Customer account language customisation – this uses the same box as the checkout page. You will need the Premium plan to unlock the customer account downloads feature. Already installed Fileflare? Upgrade here.

How to customise the language

First, you need to understand where the downloads can be shown for your customers:

  1. Via email
  2. On the checkout Thank You page
  3. In the customer accounts

The text is all customisable in every one of these methods.


The email language can be customised using the email templates customisation. You will need the Growth plan to unlock this. Scroll down for more examples and details.

Checkout page & customer accounts

The checkout page and customer accounts use the same content box. The text can be customised using the download box customisation. Scroll down for more examples and details.

They’re the only 2 things that you need to customise to show and change the language in all public places that your customers will see.

1. Install the app & get a free trial

Firstly, you need to install Fileflare, and then choose a free trial on a paid plan. You need the Growth plan for email customisation, the Basic plan for checkout page links, and the Premium plan for the customer account downloads.

Already installed Fileflare? Upgrade here.

2. Customising the download box

The download box shows on the checkout Thank you page and in the customer accounts. You can easily customise the text to your own language by going to:

  1. Go to the “Settings”
  2. Go to “Checkout settings”
  3. Here you can change the text in the “Download box title” and the “Download box extra text”.
  4. Make sure that you have enabled the “Display download links on the checkout page” setting to display these at checkout.

Learn more about enabling customer account digital downloads.

download box text language

Checkout page download box


Customer accounts download box

customer account downloads

3. Customising the email templates

Again, it’s really easy to customise the email templates and add your own language. Once you have the Growth plan or higher, you can go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Then go to “Edit email templates”
edit email templates

Here, you can customise the templates to say anything you want and in any language. The normal template that goes with every order is called the “Fulfilment template”.

change language email templates

Dynamically customising the language for each country

To do this, you will need to use Shopify’s Order Confirmation email and then add the download details to that.

The good news is that you can add the Fileflare download button to the email easily! Just follow this guide to set up Fileflare with dynamic language delivery.


That is all you need to do to change the language selling digital downloads on Shopify. Once you have changed the download box and the email templates to your own language, then you’re ready to go! If you need any help, please contact us.