How to Sell Personalized Digital Products (Files) on Shopify

The Fileflare Shopify app allows you, “the store”, to deliver personalised digital files to your customers.

For example, if you get a custom order that you need to edit before delivering, then now it’s possible to deliver those personalized files to your customer with ease. Follow our guide below:

Firstly, this is what you will need

There is no limit to how many files that you can attach to an order. You can attach as many assets to an order as you like.

Which plan do I need?

You will need any paid plan (not the free plan). Already installed? Upgrade here.


How to deliver your personalized files to your customer on Shopify

We will assume that you have already received the order from your store that you need to personalize for your customer.

Video tutorial

Scroll down for a written tutorial if you want to see a step-by-step process.

Step 1 – Upload the personalized asset/file

  1. Go to the Fileflare app
  2. Go to “Upload” in the main navigation
  3. Upload your personalized files

Step 2 – Go to the order page to attach the file

  1. Navigate to “Orders”
  2. Click on the order that you want to send the personalized file to

Step 3 – Attach the personalized file to the order

  1. Click the ‘Attach additional asset’ button
  2. Choose the personalized asset that you just uploaded
attach files to order in app

Step 4 – Inform the customer

Inform via email – send the download email

On the order page, click the ‘Send now’ button.

If you have previously sent an email on this order, the button will say, ‘Resend download email’. This will now send the download fulfilment email to your customer.

send now

(optional) Inform via the customer account

If you have the customer account download links enabled in your settings, then you can inform your customer that they can access their downloads in their customer account by sending them an email or informing them in your own method.

You can let them know they can download from their accounts using a few methods:

Once the assets/files are attached to the order, they will automatically show on the customer’s account order page (but only if you have this below setting enabled).

display in customer accounts

Unlocking the customer account downloads

If you want to show the digital files inside a customer’s account, you will need to unlock the Customer Account downloads feature by using the Premium plan. Already installed? Upgrade here.

Pro tip for customer accounts

If you have the customer account download links setting enabled, you can inform your customers they can download their files in their customer account as well as the email. Add into your fulfilment email template that the customers can log in or sign up with an account on your store, then direct them where to go.

  1. Go to ‘Settings
  2. Click ‘Edit email Template
  3. Go to ‘Fulfillment Template
  4. Add text:
Thanks for ordering with us. You can also access your downloads in your customer account by logging in, or simply signing up using the email that you used in the order. This will automatically show your orders.


What are the most profitable digital products?

The most profitable digital products are software, subscription-based sales, courses, music production, visuals production, gaming add-ons & a lot more. Pro tip – people pay for convenience. So if you make someone’s job easier and faster, you will make money.

Where is the best place to sell digital products?

The best place to sell digital products is Shopify because you will own the domain and have full control. You will want to avoid marketplaces such as Etsy and Envato because they take seriously high commissions (50%+ in some cases), and they have too many rules. You will want to build your own brand with your own digital real estate, meaning that you are in control of everything. You can do anything you want and build your own valuable brand.

How do you make money from digital downloads?

It all comes down to one thing – a good product. Build a digital product that provides value and helps someone speed up their job. People pay for convenience. Then build your own Shopify store and build a brand.