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How to Set up a Custom Email Address Using Our Server

setup custom email

Using DDA you can set up your own email address to deliver digital downloads to your customers. This is ideal for maintaining your branding.

Sending your own branded emails to your customers makes your store look professional and makes it look as if you have created your own download system, valuing your brand higher. Read below on how to set this up in your store.

Which plan do I need for this feature?

You will need the Premium plan or above.

What methods can I use for custom email?

You can use either of the below options to set up a custom email address:

How to set up a custom email on Downloadable Digital Assets

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for the Premium plan or above
  2. Then contact us to request the SendGrid custom email setup

We will reply to you ASAP and get you set up quickly so you can use your own email address to deliver digital downloads.

How does it work?

We enable custom email addresses using SendGrid. SendGrid is an amazing platform giving us the ability to allow stores to send from their own email, maintaining safety and tracking.

Main reasons we use this method:

  • Safe
  • Easy to set up – we do the hard work
  • Email tracking available for your store
  • Get the highest level of deliverability for your download emails using our system

We highly recommend not using email accounts that end in, or similar, but it’s best to use emails that are built on your own domain, for example – [email protected]

This is because we get a warning that indicates emails that end in things such as will likely fail a DMARC check. For more details, see SendGrid’s comprehensive DMARC page.

Learn how to customise email templates here!

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