How to use the ‘Bundle Builder’ Shopify App with Digital Products

The Bundle Builder Shopify app is a well-known and loved app to allow customers to bundle products together for a discount. It features a lot of unique features and settings such as design, fulfilment, multi-section layout, tax and shipping.

But what if you are selling digital products? You need to make sure you are using a compatible Shopify app that works alongside Bundle Builder. We’ve got the solution.

What do I need?

How does the Builder Bundle Shopify app work?

Bundle Builder allows customers to bundle products together at checkout to create their own customised bundle.

The way it works on the backend is Bundle Builder creates a draft order, then picks out the products you have in your Shopify system and adds those products to the draft order. This is compatible with the Fileflare Shopify app to deliver your digital downloads/digital products.

bundle builder

How to set up digital products with Fileflare

It’s really easy to set up digital products using this app. In simple terms, here is the flow:

  1. Install the app to your Shopify store
  2. Upload your files to the app by going to the “Assets” page > then click the “Upload new assets” button
  3. Attach your files to the relevant Shopify products (products are automatically imported from Shopify)

That’s it!

You can see a full guide on how to set up digital products on Shopify here with visual guides. If you currently use the Digital Downloads Shopify app, then you can see a quick migration guide here.

How to set up a bundle in ‘Bundle Builder’

Please refer to Builder Bundle’s ‘how to set up a bundle’ guide.