See a list of our integrations and Shopify apps that work alongside our digital downloads app. Also, send files across the web with our new file transfer app.

Customer Accounts Hub

We teamed up with CustomerHub and created an integration, so you can deliver digital downloads to your customers via their account when using CustomerHub.


Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge

We teamed up with Froonze to integrate with their customer accounts Shopify app Customer Accounts Concierge. Learn how to connect Froonze using Froonze’s guide or our Fileflare guide.

Shopify apps that work well alongside Fileflare

These below apps are not direct integrations, but they work well with Fileflare. If you’re looking for apps that are compatible, these work.


PickyStory Bundles

PickyStory provides a powerful platform to combine products as bundles. It features a wide range of options for bundles and discounts. It works well with Fileflare.

bundle builder

Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder allows your customer to create their own bundles of products before checkout. It’s fully compatible with Fileflare and digital product delivery. Learn how to use Bundle Builder with Fileflare.

AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

AfterSell is a fantastic post-purchase upsell app that delivers special offers on the Thank You page after purchase.

It works alongside Fileflare really well.


GemPages Page Builder

GemPages is an all-in-one website no-code page builder. It works natively alongside Fileflare and features a wide range of powerful tools.

See GemPages Partner page.


ReConvert Upsell & Cross sell

ReConvert is a post-purchase upsell app, deliverying product offers on the Thank You page.

It works alongside Fileflare perfectly.

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