Getting Started

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited orders, & unlimited products.

Sell any type of digital file & any file size.









Add your Products in Shopify

  1. Go to the “Products” page in your Shopify account
  2. Click the “Add product” button to begin adding your products.


If the product is digital, ensure that you set the product as digital by going to the “Shipping” section and disabling the option “This is a physical product”.

Note: you can also deliver files along with physical products.


Go to the Product page in Fileflare

  1. Open Fileflare
  2. Go to “Products”
  3. Click on a product

Upload & attach files

  1. Click the “Upload new assets” button & click “Done” when completed
  2. Use the search box on the page to search and select assets to attach to the product

When a Shopify product is ordered by a customer, the attached files will be delivered.

Got thousands of products? Bulk attach assets to products.


Customize settings

Now you can customize your settings to suit your brand.

Read the important Checklist to ensure your store is ready to sell digital products.


That's it!

Now, you’re armed & ready to sell!

Once the files are attached to the Shopify products, Fileflare will automatically deliver the attached files when the product is sold!


The download page

Download delivery methods

The Fileflare download email

Fileflare will send download emails to your customers.

You can choose between showing a button in the email that links to the download page on your store, or a bullet point list of downloads. Learn more.

Learn how to enable/disable the Fileflare emails.

The Checkout Thank You & Order Status pages

This is available on all paid plans. The downloads will show on the Thank you page for every customer that places an order.

You can enable the checkout links by upgrading to a paid plan. Learn more.

Customer account downloads

This is available on the Premium plan. You can show the downloads inside the customer account order pages.

This improves your store’s reputation and allows you to have a valuable portal for customers to access everything whenever they need.

Fileflare also integrates with popular customer account apps, such as Froonze and CustomerHub.

Learn how to enable customer account downloads.

Shopify Order Confirmation email downloads

You can add the download details to the Shopify order conformation email button that links directly to the Order Status page where the downloads are shown.

You will need any paid plan for this to be enabled because you need the checkout links to be enabled for the downloads to show on the Order Status page.

Read our setup guide.

Video walkthrough