Beginner’s Guide – Setting Up The Digital Assets App

beginners guide

We would highly advise you to read our Setup Checklist. This ensures your store is set up correctly to deliver digital products without issues.

Firstly, install the app

Go to Downloadable Digital Assets on the Shopify app store. Log in to your Shopify store and install the app. You can install the free plan, for now, then choose to upgrade later if you require.

Once installed, please follow the next steps.

How to upload assets and connect them to your products

Step 1 – Upload your assets

Go to the app > go to the ‘Assets’ page > click the ‘Upload new assets’ button.

From here, you can follow the steps to upload your assets/files or attach external URLs as assets.

Step 2 – Attach the assets to your products

Please make sure you have created your products in your Shopify store. Our app automatically syncs all your Shopify products to our app which makes it easy to attach assets to them.

Go to the ‘Products’ page > click on your chosen product that you want to attach assets to.

Now search for your assets in the search box and attach the relevant assets to your product. Your product is now fully set up.

Step 3 – Customise your settings

Now you have to set your settings so your customers receive their delivery when they place an order.

Go to the ‘Settings’ page. Please take your time to go through these settings and make sure they suit your store.

You can upgrade to unlock more features such as:

Find out the best practices to prevent customers from sharing digital products.

Step 4 – Read our 4-step Checklist

We would highly advise you to read our ‘Setup checklist’ after installation. This ensures your store is set up correctly to deliver digital products without issues.

For example, some stores are set to only collect phone numbers on an order. This needs to be changed to collect emails so we can email the digital downloads to your customer. You can learn how to do this in the checklist.

Example of the settings page on the Professional plan:


How will my customers receive their downloads?

Your customers can receive their downloads in three methods:

  • Via email (available on all plans)
  • On the ‘Thank you’ checkout page after purchase (available on the Starter plan)
  • In the customer accounts (available on the Professional plan)

If your customers didn’t create an account at checkout, you can tell your customers that they can create a customer account using the email that they used to purchase. This will automatically create an account with their order inside.

Troubleshooting download issues for customers

In some rare cases, customers may run into download problems. This is usually caused by old browsers or operating systems that just need a quick restart. You can send the customer this download issue troubleshooting guide to find what the issue could be.

If you get stuck, just contact us and we are here to help!

Complete video tutorial on setting up your store

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