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Migrate to the DDA app from Other Shopify Digital Download Apps

migrare da altre applicazioni shopify download digitale

Shopify doesn’t have any in-built functions for digital products because they have their own digital product delivery app called “Digital Downloads“. Their app is the most basic version of an app for selling digital products, and DDA is a much more versatile, feature-rich, scalable alternative.

We have had a lot of merchants feeling stuck with Shopify’s app as it doesn’t provide any protection functionality, storage expansions, control over customers’ downloads, or scalability. So we have created this guide to show merchants how they can migrate to the DDA app to unlock many more features for growing stores.

Whether you are using SendOwl, Fetch App, EDP, or Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, it’s super easy to migrate over to DDA. I have broken down the steps below so you can understand how it works.

Why switch to our DDA app?

Ci sono alcuni motivi importanti per cui si vorrebbe cambiare. L'uso di altre applicazioni potrebbe non avere le caratteristiche specifiche che desiderate, avere troppi bug, gli sviluppatori non si preoccupano, il supporto è scadente e molto altro ancora. Noi siamo arrivati per risolvere ogni problema che potreste incontrare.

One of our main goals is to help store owners protect their digital downloads. See our comprehensive guide to preventing customers from sharing your digital products.

dda digital assets

Limitations of the Shopify “Digital Downloads” app

You might be using the Shopify digital downloads app, and it’s just not scaling well with your store. There’s a huge reason why our app stands above, and we’ll show you why below:

shopify download digitale

Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app:

  • È possibile allegare solo 1 file per ogni prodotto
  • Non supporta il download degli account dei clienti
  • Non ha il monitoraggio delle e-mail
  • 5 GB di memoria totale per file
  • Problemi con i cookie in alcuni browser
  • Utilizzo confuso
  • Nessuna opzione di aggiornamento
  • Nessuna funzione di protezione
  • Non è possibile utilizzare la propria e-mail
  • Nessuna funzione di branding del negozio
meme for shopify download

Please note – It is possible to use DDA alongside any other digital downloads app on Shopify. It won’t mess up your current application, and everything will run as normal.

Migrated stores reviews

We’ve had a lot of stores migrate over to ours now. Here’s what they had to say.

review migration

See more reviews.

Video guida

Se volete leggere una procedura passo-passo, scorrete più in basso.

1. Installare la nostra applicazione (DDA)

Go to the Shopify app store and install DDA (Downloadable Digital Assets).

dda digital assets

2. Disable automatic email delivery

If you have a store that has orders coming in, this is important.

Before we carry on, we need to disable automatic download emails that are sent by DDA, so that we can set up the app. This makes sure that your other Digital Downloads app can keep delivering files while we complete the new setup.

Andare alla pagina "Impostazioni" e scorrere fino in fondo. Qui è possibile disattivare le e-mail automatiche durante la configurazione dell'applicazione. Questo non influirà sulla vostra attuale app per i download digitali.

disabilitare le e-mail degli ordini

After everything is set up, we can enable this option again later in the tutorial.

3. Upload your digital files to our app

You will need to upload your digital products to the DDA app.

There isn’t a method to transfer files from another app to DDA. You will need to download them from the old app or find them on your computer, then upload them to DDA.

Uploading files to DDA is the safest option and provides the best protection for preventing customers from sharing digital downloads. You can learn more about preventing customers from sharing downloads here.

You can also attach your own S3 server to DDA if you choose to host files yourself. This means you can manage your own storage limitations.

Method 1 – Uploading files directly to DDA

If you are already logged into the app, click here to upload files.

Se si desidera navigare verso il caricatore, è sufficiente farlo:

  1. Andare alla pagina "Attività".
  2. Fate clic sul pulsante "Carica nuove risorse".
  3. Caricate qui le vostre risorse. Per caricare direttamente i file, fare clic sul pulsante "Carica i tuoi file" o trascinare i file nel caricatore.

Method 2 – Sell links at checkout using “URL Assets”

If you want to sell external URLs at checkout, such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc., follow this URL Asset tutorial.

To put it short:

  1. Go to “Assets”
  2. Click “Upload new assets”
  3. Click “Add URL Asset”

This will create an asset that redirects to your external link. You can then attach this asset to products.

Bulk-add URL Assets

You can do this in bulk if you follow this bulk CSV guide. This helps if you have thousands of them.

4. Attach the files to your Shopify products

All of your Shopify products are automatically synced to DDA’s Products page.

This is important because DDA doesn’t need you to create products twice like other apps do (that’s confusing when other apps do that). DDA simply works alongside Shopify’s platform and delivers digital files alongside your Shopify products, making it super simple.

  1. Go to the “Products” page in DDA
  2. Fare clic su un prodotto
  3. Then attach your files to your product using the search box/drop-down menu
  4. Repeat this until all of your files are attached to the products
associare gli asset al prodotto

5. Configurare le impostazioni

Here you can build your settings to suit your business’s needs. Depending on your plan, you may have access to some extra features.

Take a good look at the Settings page to make sure everything is in line and set up the way you want it.

Add downloads to Shopify’s Order Confirmation email

Using DDA, you can add a method to deliver downloads using the Shopify Order confirmation email that gets sent with every order. You will need the Checkout links enabled for this to work.

This is available on the Basic plan.

If you want your download links to appear in the customers’ accounts order pages, you can this guide to enable this. You can also enable download links using the CustomerHub app.

This is available on the Premium plan.

This setting allows customers to download their assets from the ‘Thank you’ checkout page directly after purchase. This is a great option in case the email goes to spam, allowing users to download them without logging into their email.

This is available on the Basic plan.

Set release dates on digital files

Learn how to set release dates on files so that you can sell pre-orders.

This is available on the Premium plan.

Sell digital products as a subscription

Sell your digital products with a subscription plan by following our guide.

This is available on all plans.

Prevent customers from sharing assets

Abbiamo un'esercitazione approfondita su come impedire ai clienti di condividere le loro risorse con altri. Leggilo e impara i metodi migliori per utilizzare la nostra applicazione Digital Downloads.

Altre caratteristiche:


6. Disable your old digital downloads app & enable DDA

The final step is to switch over to the new app.

  1. Go to DDA > go to the “Settings” page
  2. Disable the checkbox below as shown below. This will enable all download emails to be sent from DDA. Or you can leave it enabled if you do not want DDA to send download emails to your customers.
abilitare le e-mail
  1. Now disable your other digital download app so it doesn’t send downloads to your customers. If you want, you can keep it installed while you ensure DDA is running perfectly, or you can just go ahead and uninstall the old app if you are happy.


There you have it, an easy guide to migrate over to our digital downloads app on Shopify. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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