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Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” App Is Not Working [Solved]


Have you attempted to use the Shopify Digital Downloads app, and it hasn’t worked, or it’s glitching out? That can be frustrating, especially when you have a business to run.

If Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app is not working, it could be due to the site rejecting your API key. To fix that, contact Shopify Support for assistance, as there could be an issue with the site’s configuration. In the meantime, consider migrating to the Downloadable Digital Assets app.

This post will explain why Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app may fail to work correctly and what you can do about it. Keep reading to learn why it’s best to switch to the Downloadable Digital Assets app to avoid such inconvenience.

Issues with Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app

Shopify’s Digital Downloads app is a popular option for allowing users to download files from a store. However, a spot-check of recent user reviews and forum posts suggests that this app doesn’t work as well as it should.

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Recent common problems with the Shopify Digital Downloads app by its users:

  • Uploads take forever to upload
  • Uploads keep failing
  • 504 Gateway timeout message
  • Can no longer get unique download links
  • Downloads don’t automatically get fulfilled
  • Fulfils fraudulent orders
  • Download links often fail for customers
  • Doesn’t allow users to re-download their files

See the reviews for yourself. You can also see on the latest Shopify forum about the user’s experience.

Recent reviews of Shopify’s Digital Downloads app:

review 3
review 2

What to do if Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” fails

In most cases, Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app not working is an issue a normal user can’t solve but requires Shopify’s technical team to address.

However, there are a few things you can try in the meantime to get the app working again, such as:

Contact customer support

The first thing you should do if Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app is not working properly is to contact their customer support team. As I mentioned, this issue is likely caused by an error in the back end that you can’t solve on your own.

Therefore, contacting customer support is the best way to get your account and app fixed.

Wait for Shopify developers to address the issue

Another option is to simply wait for Shopify’s developers to fix the issue. From what I’ve seen, Shopify tends to address issues with their apps, but it takes quite some time.

However, that can be inconvenient if you need the file immediately, so you may want to consider switching to a different app.

Switch to the “Downloadable Digital Assets” App

You may want to consider switching to the Downloadable Digital Assets app, which provides several benefits that Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app lacks. For example, the Downloadable Digital Assets app offers the following features, which you won’t get with Digital Downloads:

  • Fraud & file protection: The Downloadable Digital Assets app features robust fraud protection to prevent unauthorized or malicious downloads.
  • Email tracking: With email tracking, you can easily keep track of who bought what file and when. That can be a great way to gather data for marketing purposes and to monitor the performance of your online store.
  • Attach multiple files to a product: Shopify’s app is famously known for only allowing you to attach one file to a product. Now you can get around this issue with this other app.
downloadable digital assets

Best of all about this one is that it has a free plan which is better than Shopify’s. That gives you the ability to use it, and if you need t upgrade when you start making money, you can simply upgrade.

This post about the differences between the apps provides more insights into why you should use the Downloadable Digital Assets app, so be sure to check it out.

shopify download digitale Svantaggi dell'applicazione Shopify:downloadable digital assets Advantages of this app:
È possibile allegare solo 1 file per ogni prodotto
Collegare un numero illimitato di beni ai prodotti
Non supporta il download degli account dei clientiAllow customer account downloads
Non ha il monitoraggio delle e-mailTracciamento delle e-mail
5 GB di memoria totale per fileNessun limite alle dimensioni o al tipo di file
Problemi con i cookie in alcuni browserPersonalised digital products + attach files to an order
Utilizzo confusoDisplay links in customer accounts
Nessuna opzione di aggiornamentoDisplay links on Thank You page
Nessuna funzione di protezioneImpostare le limitazioni dell'indirizzo IP
Non è possibile utilizzare la propria e-mailUtilizzate la vostra e-mail per inviare i download
Nessuna funzione di branding del negozioSell digital files alongside subscription apps
Aggiungere le UR come attività
Protezione dalle frodi
Timbratura in PDF
Stabilire le date di uscita dei pre-ordini
Aggiornare le attività e informare i clienti
Aggiungere limitazioni al download
Tracciamento della larghezza di banda e del download dell'ordine
Collegare il proprio Amazon S3
Expire an order (block customer’s downloads)
Modelli di personalizzazione delle e-mail

Wrapping up

In short, if Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app is not working as it should, there may be several reasons for this. Possible causes include a lack of an API key or a back-end error you can’t solve by yourself.

To address the issue, you may want to contact Shopify’s customer support team or wait for the developers to fix it.

In the meantime, you can also consider switching to the Downloadable Digital Assets app, which offers several advantages over Shopify’s “Digital Downloads” app. These include:

  • Protezione dalle frodi
  • Tracciamento delle e-mail
  • An easy-to-use interface and navigation system.

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