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Beginner’s Guide – Setting Up The DDA App


We also have an API available if you have an external or customized solution to sell digital downloads with Shopify.

Getting started – Quick overview

Scroll down for an in-depth walkthrough. Please get in touch with us if you want any help with the setup.

After you have added products to your Shopify store, setting up the app is as simple as this:

1. Upload

Upload your digital assets to the app.

2. Attach

Attach those assets to your Shopify products or variants.

3. Customise

Customise your settings & branding.


Be sure to check our Shopify Academy if you want to learn more about setting up your Shopify store.

1. Install the DDA app to your Shopify store

Go to the DDA page on the Shopify app store and click the “Add app” button. You can install the free plan for now, or you can get a 7-day free trial.


dda download digital assets

2. Ensure you have products set up in Shopify

I assume you have already set up your products in Shopify. If you haven’t, simply go to:

  1. Shopify dashboard
  2. Click on “Products
  3. Click on the “Create product” button
  4. Make sure you mark the product as “Digital if it’s only a digital product. All you need to do is, go to the “Shipping” section and uncheck the option “This product requires shipping”.

Marking the product as digital and that they don’t need to be shipped allows the DDA app to fulfil the product in your orders automatically and disables the shipping email from Shopify. If the product is physical, then that is fine. Digital files will still be delivered.

Learn how to set up variants on your Shopify products.

3. How to set up the app

Step 1 – Upload your digital assets

From your Shopify dashboard, go to the “Apps” in the left navigation, and open the app.

  1. Once you are in the app, go to the “Assets” page
  2. 新しいアセットをアップロードする」ボタンをクリックします。ここから、手順に従って、アセット/ファイルをアップロードしたり、外部のURLをアセットとして添付したりすることができます。

Check our upload troubleshooting guide if you have trouble uploading.

Step 2 – Attach the uploaded assets to your Shopify products

Shopify ストアで製品を作成したことを確認してください。当社のアプリは自動的にすべてのShopify 製品を当社のアプリに同期し、アセットを簡単に添付することができます。

Method 1 – from the asset page

  1. アップロード後、青いアセットリンクをクリックします
  2. 検索ボックス/ドロップダウンを使用して、アセットを製品に添付する

Method 2 – from the product page

  1. 製品」ページに移動します
  2. アセットを添付したい製品をクリックします。
  3. 検索ボックス/ドロップダウンを使ってアセットを添付する

ステップ3 - 設定のカスタマイズ

Now you have to set your settings so your customers receive their delivery when they place an order. You can upgrade to unlock more features (already installed? Upgrade here), such as:


Find out the best practices to prevent customers from sharing digital products. Learn more by seeing our professional guidance on 19 mistakes to avoid when selling digital products.

Go to the ‘Settings’ page. Please take your time to go through these settings and make sure they suit your store. Example of the settings page on the Premium plan:

limitation settings

ステップ4 - チェックリストを読むデジタル製品に対応するための準備







DDA’s Email (enabled by default)

Via email using DDA’s email delivery system.

Download emails are enabled by default upon installation and are available for all plans.

Learn how to disable the DDA email delivery.

email example

Shopify’s Order Confirmation Email

You can also add download links to Shopify’s Order Confirmation email.

Learn how to set it up here.

Download button shopify emails

Order status Thank You page downloads

On the ‘Thank you’ Order status page after purchase (available on the Basic plan or higher). Already installed DDA? Upgrade here.

Learn how to enable Thank You page downloads.

This option uses a download box. Learn how to customise the download box text.

checkout page shopify download

Customer accounts downloads

In the customer accounts order pages (available on the Premium plan). Already installed DDA? Upgrade here.

Learn how to enable customer account downloads.

If your customers didn’t create an account at checkout, you could tell your customers that they can create a customer account using the email that they used to purchase. This will automatically create an account with their order inside.

This option uses a download box that uses the styling of your website’s CSS. Learn how to customise the download box.

You can also use a customer account designing application called CustomerHub with DDA if you want to build your own customer accounts.




Shopify 注文確認メールのテンプレートにダウンロードに関する情報を追加することを強くお勧めします。


Learn how to add information & download links to the Shopify Confirmation email.


Normal Shopify email



Button version



List version



In some rare cases, customers may run into download problems. This is usually caused by old browsers or operating systems that just need a quick restart. You can send the customer this download issue troubleshooting guide to find out what the issue could be.



  • ファイルの種類やサイズを問わずアップロード&販売(プランの制限内)。
  • We use ultra-fast & secure download servers
  • We don’t add code to your theme (unless you add customer account downloads)







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