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1. Mark your digital products as “Digital” in Shopify

This will stop the Shipping queries from showing at checkout & also stop the Shopify physical shipping emails from sending to your customers with digital file delivery.

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
  2. Go to “Products
  3. Click on the product
  4. Scroll down until you see the ‘Shipping’ section. Uncheck the option “This product requires shipping”.

See our full guide on marking products as digital in Shopify if you need more information.


If you want to deliver downloads via email, make sure you are capturing emails at checkout so files can be delivered to your customers. Download links cannot be sent to phone numbers.

  1. Go to Settings > Checkout > Customer contact method
  2. Ensure the option ‘Customers can only check out using email‘ is selected so your store can capture emails.

You can capture phone numbers too, but you will need to enable checkout downloads and customer account downloads because some customers may not enter an email address.


3. Confirm that your files are attached to the product or variant

Have you checked to see if the files are attached to the correct product or variants?

特定のバリアント製品は、それぞれ別の製品として分類されます。Shopify 、バリアント製品がある場合は、それぞれのバリアント製品にファイルを添付する必要があります。

You can do this by going to

  1. Go to DDA
  2. Go to “Products” page
  3. Ensure that the files are attached to the correct variant or product.

4. Make sure your payments are captured & orders marked as “Paid”



The reason this happens is that the customer can receive their digital products, and then just cancel the payment before it processes. Thus, getting free products.




Digital products will be delivered once the order is paid.


How to enable automatic payment capture

You can enable automatic payment captures by:

  1. Going to “Settings” > “Payments
  2. Click on the “Manage” button in the Payment Capture box
  3. Enable the “Automatically capture payment for orders” setting and click “Save
payment capture
automatically capture payments

5. Make sure digital products in Shopify are available at all locations

Your digital products will not automatically fulfil on the Shopify orders if they are not available at all of your Shopify locations.

You can check this by:

  1. Go to your Shopify
  2. Go to “Products
  3. Click on a digital product
  4. Scroll down to “Inventory” (if you are using variants, you will need to click into a variant)
  5. Click “Edit locations
  6. Enable all of the locations and click “Save
inventory section in shopify
locations section

You can also see more of your location settings by going to Settings > Locations.

6. Automatically mark digital products as “Fulfilled” on orders

If you want your digital products to be automatically fulfilled, make sure your products are marked as digital in Shopify.

Note 1: Digital products will not be fulfilled if they have zero assets attached to the product. Once files are attached to the digital product, then they can be auto-fulfilled.

Note 2: Go to step 5 if your digital products are not automatically fulfilled after following the steps below. All your store locations must be enabled on your digital products for them to be auto fulfilled.

If only selling Digital products

  1. Go to the DDA app
  2. 次に「設定」に進みます
  3. Then ‘Addtional settings
  4. 次に、「Automatically mark digital products as Fulfilled inShopify orders」のチェックボックスが有効になっていることを確認します。

This will ensure that your digital products are marked as fulfilled in your Shopify orders and the shipping email will be disabled. If physical products are in the same order, then they will be left unfulfilled.


物理的およびデジタル的な製品を販売する場合 - 混合


  • 注文中のデジタル製品 -フルフィルド
  • 注文の物理的な製品 -アンフィルド


  1. Go to the DDA app
  2. 次に「設定」に進みます
  3. Then ‘Addtional settings
  4. 下の写真のオプションまでスクロールし、このチェックボックスが有効になっていることを確認してください。これにより、Shopify の注文で、デジタル製品がフルフィルドとしてマークされるようになります。


Shopify dashboard > Settings > Checkout > Order Processing > Thendo not automatically fulfill any of order's lineitems'を有効にします。

これにより、すべての物理的な製品がShopify で自動的にフルフィルメントされないことを確認できます。


物理的な製品とデジタル製品を販売する場合 - すべてが満たされていません。


  • 注文中のデジタル製品 -未完成
  • 注文の物理的な製品 -アンフィルド


  1. Go to the DDA app
  2. 次に「設定」に進みます
  3. Then ‘Addtional settings
  4. 下の写真のオプションまでスクロールして、このチェックボックスが無効になっていることを確認してください。これにより、Shopify の注文で、デジタル製品がフルフィルドとしてマークされるようになります。


Shopify dashboard > Settings > Checkout > Order Processing >Do not automatically fulfill any of order's lineitems' を有効にすることで可能です。