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How to Add Reviews on Shopify


Reviews on your Shopify store can help you build a trustworthy brand, as well as boost sales and conversion rates. According to World Financial Review, reviews can increase sales by an average of 18%, and conversion rates can jump by as much as 270%. Since it’s essential to have a decent reviewing system on your Shopify, let’s dive into how you can set one up.

Here’s how you can add reviews on Shopify:

  1. Judge.meの利用について
  2. Looxの使用方法
  3. Use Shopify’s own review app
  4. Integrate Trustpilot with Shopify
  5. スタンプの使用

In this article, I’ll take you through these fairly straightforward ways to set up a review system for your Shopify business. 

1.Judge.meの利用について is one of the most user-friendly apps that can help you add Shopify reviews for your e-commerce site. Here are the steps to take to make work for you:

  1. Go to the Shopify app page and click on the “Get app” button. アプリゲット
  1. Enter your Shopify store URL if required. If you are logged in this shouldn’t show for you.
  1. 自動インストールが始まる前に、Judge.meとYouのどちらで作業を行うか選択してください。初心者の方は前者の方法を、上級者の方は後者の方法をお勧めします。
  1. 同じウィンドウの右上にある「言語」を選択してください。選択肢は、英語、スペイン語、フランス語です。
  2. プレビューバッジと レビューウィジェットを設置する場所を選択します。
  3. このガイドを参考に、テーマを選んでください。
  4. 自分の基準に合っているかどうか、ざっと見てみてください。
  5. 最後の質問の答えが「はい」であれば、「はい、とてもきれいです」を選んでください。



  1. アプリストアのLooxにアクセスします。
  2. Get appを押す
loox shopify app store

Once it is installed, load up the app on the Apps page in your Shopify dashboard.

3. Use Shopify’s own review app

If you’re not looking to enlist the help of third-party software, you’re in luck! Shopify has its own review app, which you can access on the app store. It’s not as great as third party options, but it’s free.


product reviews shopify app


4. Integrate Shopify with Trustpilot

Even though Trustpilot’s Shopify Integration System isn’t as refined as the other approaches already mentioned, it can still be useful, especially considering how easy it is to set up. The system works as follows: Every time a purchase is completed through your Shopify page, an email will be sent to the customer requesting them to leave a Trustpilot review.




Here’s how you can use Stamped to add reviews on Shopify:

  1. Install the Stamped app on Shopify.
  2. 追加するウィジェットやバッジに応じて、以下の手順で進めてください。
  3. 変更した内容を保存します。
  4. ページを更新して、変更が反映されたかどうかを確認します。


Adding reviews to your Shopify store is an excellent way to boost sales and conversion rates. Luckily, there are several approaches you can use to integrate a reviewing system onto the platform. You’re bound to find at least one option that fits your needs and preferences best.