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How to Remove a Shopify App & Cancel Subscription Instantly

shopify アプリの購読を中止する

There are many reasons to cancel your subscription to a Shopify app, especially when the app is no longer relevant to your business growth.

また、以下の理由により、Shopify アプリの契約を解除したい場合があります。

  • 料金が高額であること
  • アプリの試用期間が終了する
  • アプリがあなたのお店に合っていない
  • 数ヶ月間、ストアを一時停止することがあります。
  • Shopify 、永久に閉店するかもしれません。

どんな理由であれ、Shopify アプリの購読を簡単にキャンセルすることは可能です。では、その不要なShopify アプリの購読をどのようにキャンセルするのでしょうか?

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How to remove a Shopify app & cancel the subscription

Step 1 – Check if the app has left code in your theme

It’s good practice to check the app’s uninstallation policy. If they don’t have one, you can contact the app developer, and they will let you know.

Most Shopify apps don’t remove their code from your Shopify themes when you uninstall them.


It’s quite important you find out if they have left code in there and see how you can remove it. Most Shopify app developers will tell you how to remove their code completely, or they can do it for you.

Step 2 – Go to the “Apps” page

Shopify ストアにログインし、「Apps」ページにアクセスします。

go to the apps

Then click on “Apps and Sales Channels“.

apps and channels

ステップ3 - アプリをアンインストールするか、ストアを閉じる



So the good news is that it’s very easy to cancel the subscription. You have two options:

  1. Go to the app and go to their pricing page. Check to see if they have a free plan you can downgrade to. This will cancel the paid subscription instantly.
  2. Or you can simply uninstall the Shopify app from your store. A good safety measure with Shopify’s billing system is that once the app is uninstalled, the subscription will be instantly cancelled.

Simply just press the “Uninstall” button and follow the steps.

uninstall shopify

If you uninstall a Shopify app, the app needs to abide by Shopify’s rules and delete all of your data within 48 hours. All of your Shopify data will be permanently deleted as soon as Shopify sends the request to the app. This can take place anytime within 48 hours. From my experience, this usually takes an hour or two.


If you are closing your store and want the apps to keep all of your data in case you start up your store again, you can just close your store, and the app subscription will be “Frozen” until you sign back up again.

Literally, all you need to do is keep the apps installed and close your store. All payments will be paused, and you won’t be charged anything more.

Please note: if you see charges on your account after pausing or closing your store, those are because Shopify has charged you from the time you used the apps before you paused or closed. Learn more about Shopify’s app charges.

shopify app charges graph

How to uninstall the DDA app

DDA doesn’t place any code in your theme files apart from the customer account download links, which is placed manually by yourself, so you would know if you have added it.

If you have added this code to your theme and want to remove it, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Themes
  2. Go to “Actions” > “Edit code
  3. Search for the customers/order.liquid file and remove the line of code below:
<div id='digitalAssets'></div>

Once removed, there will be no code in your theme from DDA.




Shopify bills your store every 30 days; this bill usually includes charges for apps, the general subscription, and other charges to which you may be subscribed.


また、Shopify アプリの未払い料金がある場合、アプリの契約を解除することはできないので、注意が必要です。