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How to Connect Your S3 Server


Cloudflare R2


DDA allows you to attach your own Amazon S3 server. Doing this allows you to have full control over your storage and bandwidth settings. This means that you will be in control of the pricing for those settings too, while our app is simply the control tool between your store and your server.

大容量のデジタルファイルをShopify で販売する場合、この方法が最適なルートのひとつと言えるでしょう。



You will need the Growth plan or above. Already installed DDA? Upgrade here.


How to do it

ステップ1 - 「設定」ページに移動する



About the settings

Rename my files to keep their name unique?

This will rename files that are uploaded with the same name as other files in your S3, so they don’t overwrite the files.

The names will be renamed with a completely different names of random characters using UUID4. This is a time-based encoding.

Delete files in S3 when removed from the App?

Enabling this setting will delete the files from your S3 if you delete the files inside the app. If you leave it disabled, then deleting the files in our app will not do anything to your S3 files.

ステップ2 - バケットを作成する


バケットを作成する aws

ステップ3 - バケットを設定し、CORSをコピー&ペーストします。

If you are using AWS, go to the Permissions tab > scroll down to CORS and click ‘Edit‘.

Copy the CORS config text from the DDA S3 page in the app, and paste it into your S3 settings.




Step 4 – Set up API access to the bucket & assign permissions





There have been reports that AWS has changed the way permissions are assigned to a user, which could be more complicated.

ステップ5 - APIキーをコピーしてアプリに貼り付ける



Copy and paste the Key and the Secret from AWS to the DDA app.

  1. The ‘Access key ID‘ goes into ‘Access Key
  2. The ‘Secret access key‘ goes into ‘Secret Key‘.

ステップ6 - バケツの詳細をコピー&ペーストする



Paste them as instructed. Numbers are located in the image above:

  1. The bucket name (1) goes into ‘Bucket
  2. The region (2) goes into ‘Region


ステップ7 - アップロードのテスト





What happens if I disconnect the S3 from the app?

If you disconnect the S3, the files will still appear in the app. To completely remove the files from the app, you will need to highlight them all from the Assets page and remove them.

Please check if you had enabled the option “Delete files in S3 when removed from the App?” when you originally connected it because the app may delete all of your files from the S3 if you have this enabled.

Can I change the S3?

Yes, all you need to do is disconnect the old one and then reconnect the new S3. All of your files from the old S3 will still remain in the account.

If you want to remove the old files, you need to go to the “Assets” page, select them all and click remove. You can do this after you have connected the new S3. Just make sure that you will be able to distinguish which file is on the right S3. It would be easy to tell if you checked the “Created” date on the “Assets” page. This will filter the list to show the newest or oldest first.