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How to Sell Large Digital Files on Shopify + Expert Tips


Depending on your industry, you may need to sell large digital files on Shopify. With the rise of digital products in recent years, you want to know the best solutions to doing this while keeping costs low.



  • AShopify store
  • The DDA app to deliver digital files with unlimited bandwidth (free plan available)


The DDA app does not have bandwidth limitations. It’s completely unlimited, so you can use as much as you want!

Get the app now to sell large digital files.

downloadable digital assets dda digital downloads shopofy app

Sell large files using the “DDA” app – 3 Methods

DDA (Downloadable Digital Assets) gives you the power to sell digital files using pretty much any server you want, meaning you are in control of hosting your files.

You can either use the app’s built-in servers, or you can connect your own Amazon S3 or cloud service using URL Assets.

This app allows you to sell large digital files:

  1. アプリ内蔵サーバー - ストレージ/帯域幅を含む
  2. Connect your own Amazon S3 or S3-compatible server
  3. Delivering cloud server links (Dropbox etc.) at checkout using “URL Assets”

The app’s storage amounts only apply when you are using our in-built servers (option 1) for storing your files. Using option 2 or 3 will bypass any storage the app has.

That means using an Amazon/Backblaze server or the location where you are hosting the digital files will be in control of storage and bandwidth. Please check your host for storage/bandwidth limitations.

downloadable digital assets dda digital downloads shopofy app

1. Built-in server with storage & unlimited bandwidth

That’s right, you heard it. The DDA app doesn’t charge for bandwidth usage. Get unlimited bandwidth when using it.

You can see the prices and details by going to our pricing page. The app uses top-grade servers, which means you get the best of the best. But if our storage solutions aren’t suited for you, you can see more options below.

2. Connect your own S3-compatible server

You can connect your own Amazon S3 or S3-compatible server to our DDA app. That means you are in control of your storage and bandwidth costs via your S3 server account.

You can learn how to connect your own Amazon S3 to the DDA app here.

Or you can learn how to connect your own Cloudflare R2 account to DDA.

Pricing comparison between S3 servers

Below is the pricing comparison between our server, Amazon’s, Digital Ocean’s, and Backblaze’s.

DDAアマゾンS3Digital Ocean SpacesバックブレイズB2Cloudflare R2
ストレージUp to 1TB (more available)アンリミテッド250GB ($0.02/GB for additional)5/TB/月$38.25 per 1TB per month
帯域幅Unlimited free bandwidth0.023ドル/GB (3TBは69ドル)1TB included in $5 plan ($0.01 per GB additional transfer – 3TB is $30)0.01ドル/GB (3TBは30ドル)無料
価格についてFree – $29/month0.023ドル/GB 帯域幅$5/month (only 1TB bandwidth included, costs for more)Backblaze B2の価格価格について


  • All storage and bandwidth limitations are controlled by the server company that you choose, such as Amazon S3 etc.
  • You will need to subscribe to the Growth ($19/month) plan or higher to connect an Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces or Backblaze B2 server to our app. Already installed DDA? Upgrade here.

3. Delivering cloud server links (Dropbox etc.) at checkout using URL Assets

If you want to use your own cloud server, such as FusionFile, Filemail, Dropbox, or Google Drive to deliver your files to your customers, you can do this by using the URL assets method.

This doesn’t work the same as connecting an Amazon S3. It works by basically adding the download link as a URL Asset and then connecting it to a product so that when the product is ordered, the download link will be delivered to the customer.

Reasons why this may not be the best route for protecting files

URLアセットを追加する方法は、こちらでご紹介しています。ただし、内蔵サーバーやAmazon S3アカウントの利用をお勧めします。

To put it short, the app delivers protected download links to customers to prevent prohibited file sharing. These download links provide protection if you set any, such as download limitations and order tracking.

When using URL assets with external cloud services, our app only has the option to redirect from our URL directly to your external URL (e.g. It’s simply not possible to control what customers do with these external URLs because we do not own those domains. Once they are redirected, then there is no protection control.


When using the in-built server or Amazon S3 server, all download links are protected completely, giving the store owner full control and visibility of who is using the download links. Learn more about why URL assets do not have the best protection here.

Cloud server options that work with DDA

Most cloud services have bandwidth limits. You may be surprised, but bandwidth costs a lot on the internet. Ever watched YouTube or Netflix, and then it pauses and asks if you’re still watching? That’s to save bandwidth.

If you want to use URL assets with our app, this is possible. You can attach any cloud server download links to our app as “URL assets” to deliver large files at checkout to your customers. I will list some below with details.


Pricing comparison between cloud server options for URL assets
ストレージ最大5TB無料 - ストレージなし
有料 - 最大無制限
Pro - 1TB
Business - 100TB
無料 - ストレージなし
有料 - 1TB
送信可能なファイルサイズ無料 - 5GB
有料 - 無制限
無料 - 2GB
有料 - 無制限まで。
20GB無料 - 5GB
有料 - 100GB
帯域制限アンリミテッドアンリミテッド1TB/月記載なし無料 - 20GB/日
有料 - 400GB/日
価格無料プラン、最大48ユーロ/月無料プラン、10ユーロ/月、20ユーロ/月5ドル/月、50ドル/月無料プラン、8.33ユーロ/月10ドル/月PAYG $0.25/GB(税込無料プラン、10ドル/月無料プラン、10ドル/月、80ドル以上/月


Our top recommendations are:

  • Filemail – they include an easy-to-install app that downloads faster than a browser. Plus, they have unlimited bandwidth
  • WeTransfer – unlimited bandwidth

These have been fully tested using TBs of bandwidth, and we have never had any issues.


  • この方法を使用すると、すべてのストレージと帯域幅の制限は、あなたのファイルをホストしているホストによって制御されます。URLアセットを使用する場合、アプリからのストレージや帯域幅の制限はありません。
  • You will need to subscribe to the Basic plan or higher to use URL assets on DDA

How to sell large files on Shopify – the process


1. Firstly, install the “DDA” app

Go to the app store and install DDA. This will be your tool to sell large digital products on Shopify.

downloadable digital assets dda digital downloads shopofy app

2. Decide which method you want to use for adding assets to the app

  1. アプリに同梱されている内蔵サーバーを使用する場合
  2. Connecting your own Amazon S3, or S3-compatible server
  3. Delivering cloud server links (Dropbox etc.) at checkout using our URL asset method

Using the built-in server that’s included with the app


自前のAmazon S3を利用する

Create your own Amazon S3 server and connect it with DDA using API keys. You can learn how to connect Amazon S3 to the app here.

Using Digital Ocean Spaces

Spaces use the same technology and allow you to connect to DDA. Learn how to set up a Spaces account.

Backblaze B2の使用

You will need a developer to help set this up, as it’s complicated.

You can use a server that uses the same tech as Amazon S3, such as Backblaze. Backblaze is a cheaper alternative to Amazon S3 but is compatible with any S3-compatible service.

It uses the same architecture and allows you to connect to our DDA app.

接続方法は、同じAmazon S3のガイドに従えばよい。

Using URL Assets to deliver links (Dropbox etc.)

Simply carry on to step 3 if you want to use this method.


内蔵サーバーまたはAmazon S3/Backblaze

If you are using the in-built server or Amazon S3/Backblaze, then you can upload your assets using the upload tool inside the DDA app.

  1. Go to DDA
  2. 資産」ページをクリック
  3. 新しいアセットのアップロード」ボタンをクリックします
  4. アセットのアップロードを開始



URL Assets (Dropbox, Filemail, Google Drive links etc.)

URL assets allow you to add an asset to the app that includes your chosen link from Dropbox, YouTube or similar. You can then attach that asset to a Shopify product to deliver the link at the checkout.


  1. Go to DDA
  2. 資産」ページをクリック
  3. 新しいアセットのアップロード」ボタンをクリックします
  4. Click on the “Add a link” button. If you have a lot to add, you can bulk-import URL assets using CSV.


The next step would be to connect your large files to your Shopify products. You can do this by:

  1. Go to your product by going to the app’s top navigation and go to the “Products” page
  2. アセットに接続する関連製品またはバリアントをクリックします。
  3. 検索ボックスで、製品に添付したいアセットを検索して選択します
  4. 添付ファイル」ボタンをクリック


You can bulk-attach assets to products using CSV if you have too many to do individually.



limitation settings


すべての設定が完了したら、次のことを確認してください。 簡単なチェックリストを読む大型のデジタル製品を販売するために、あなたのストアが正しく設定されていることを確認してください。

これで テスト注文で、すべてが正常に動作していることを確認します。

If you run into any problems or have any questions, just contact us, and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Video walkthrough to sell digital files on Shopify


There you have it, an easy solution to sell large files on Shopify. Remember to contact us if you have any questions or need help setting up your store.

Happy selling!