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How to Sell PDFs on Shopify with Fraud Protection + 6 Pro Tips


Starting a business is much easier than it used to be, and Shopify is one of the popular platforms for doing so. Shopify is an eCommerce website that business owners can use to set up their stores online and offline. With this platform, you can sell products online or in person.

Shopify 、PDF、ZIPファイル、メディア、音楽などのデジタル製品を販売するのが一般的です。これは、あなたのShopify ストアで PDF を販売するための簡単なガイドですが、他のタイプの資産にも適用されます。

Shopify では、どのようなデジタル・ダウンロード商品を販売できますか?

For convenience, you can sell digital products with Shopify. This is an intangible asset that can be sold online repeatedly without having to replenish inventory. It offers a high-profit margin; they are flexible, with low overhead costs and easy automation.


このガイドで、 Shopify で販売するデジタル製品の種類を確認できます。

What do I need for this tutorial?


If you want to sell PDFs on Shopify, you can use the free Shopify app called DDA – Digital Downloads. The app allows you to upload PDFs and attach them to your products in your store. Then if a customer purchases the product, they automatically get the link to download the PDF.



Sign up to Shopify if you haven’t already. It’s got a free trial of 14 days, so that gives you plenty of time! If you have already signed up, log in, then go to your Shopify dashboard and click on the ‘Products’ page.




2. Install the DDA app to deliver PDFs on Shopify

Shopify doesn’t have its own built-in digital product delivery system. You will need to go to the app store to install an app to create the system workflow. Start by installing the DDA – Digital Downloads app from the Shopify app store.

It has a free plan which is great for beginners, and also has more advanced plans for professional stores, catering for everyone.

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  • PDF Stamping – protect your PDFs from being shared by stamping your customers’ personal details on the pages of the PDF. You also have the choice to lock the PDF so they cannot be removed.
  • Set IP address limitations – only allow your customers to download from a number of IP addresses. This helps prevent them from sharing the downloads with others.
  • Built by Shopify developers – first-hand knowledge of what the store owners need
  • The easiest-to-use user interface out of all the digital download apps
  • Ultra-fast download speeds using the fastest CDNs
  • Attach additional files to any order for personalised digital products
  • Email tracking to understand how customers are downloading files
  • 発売日の設定

Other apps, such as Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, is very limited in features, and they give you the most basic options. There are no upgrade options, no PDF Stamping, no file protection, no way to brand the workflow for your customers and much more.



  1. 資産」のページに移動します
  2. Click the ‘Upload new assets‘ button, then follow the steps



すべての商品はShopify から自動的に同期されますので、手順1で作成した新商品が「商品」ページに表示されます。

  1. 製品をクリックします。
  2. ページが読み込まれると、検索ボックスが表示され、その横に「資産を添付する」というボタンが表示されます。PDFを選択または検索して、ボタンをクリックし、製品に添付します。


ヒント1 - PDFスタンプ

Downloadable Digital Assets を使用すると、PDF にスタンプを押して、顧客が PDF ファイルを他人と共有できないようにすることができます。PDFのスタンプを有効にすると、お客様の名前、電子メール、注文番号がPDFにスタンプされます。


PDF Stampingを有効にするには、「資産」ページ > PDF資産をクリック > PDF Stampingテンプレートを選択 > 「更新」をクリックします。






Tip 3 – View the order analysis page

Whenever your customers make an order, you can view the order details on the ‘Orders‘ page within the app.



order page

Click image to enlarge.



ヒント5 - いくつかの方法でPDFファイルを配信する


This allows your customers to download their PDFs on the checkout page or their accounts. Go to the ‘Settings‘ page to enable these features.


ヒント6 - ダウンロードに関する問題のトラブルシューティング

In some rare cases, customers may get an issue downloading files. This is usually caused by an issue on their computer that’s caused by things like old browsers or software. You can see our download issue troubleshooting guide here that you can send to your customer.

You can also send this troubleshooting guide to your customers to help them understand how to solve their issues.


Selling PDFs on Shopify is easy and convenient for all online business owners. Once you download the DDA app onto your Shopify store, you can upload the PDF and start selling it to your customers quickly.

そのため、私たちはこのアプリを最高のデジタルダウンロードアプリとして推奨しています。 Shopify.

素晴らしいことに、このアプリはShopify の専門家によって作られています。彼らは長年にわたって大量の店舗を建設してきたため、店舗オーナーが何を必要としているかを正確に知っています。



The best place to sell your PDF online is using Shopify. This means you take 100% of your profits because you own the store. You can sell PDFs on Shopify really easy. All you need to do is install the DDA -Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify app for free onto your store, then you’re ready to sell PDFs.


Protecting a PDF eBook is very easy using the DDA – Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify app. It introduces the best protection features such as PDF Stamping & IP address limitations. This prevents customers from sharing the PDF eBooks with others.


このShopify のアプリを使って電子ブックに透かしを入れることができます。お客様の個人情報をページにスタンプし、電子書籍にロックして削除できないようにすることができます。