Why Uploading To Our Servers Is Better Than Using URL Assets

1. More features available

Shows more stats and tracking details on the asset page. When you upload your assets to Fileflare you will benefit from many features such as:

  • Tracking of your assets
  • IP addresses of downloads
  • PDF Stamping

PDF Stamping does not work when using URLs as assets. This is because our app needs to have control over the PDF file and apply the customers’ details to the PDF pages. If the file is hosted somewhere else, we have no control over adding the stamp.

2. Better sharing protection

When you upload assets directly to our app, they save on our server which means you have full control over protecting your URLs. The app creates digital signatures and uses special protection features to control the URL.

This means if a customer tries to share the download URL, you can apply preventions and limitations, stopping anyone from downloading the files. Some features include:

  • Only allow customers to download from a number of IP addresses
  • Add a time until the download expires
  • Add a download limit of any number

3. Replace files & notify

When uploading to the app, that means we are in control of the files. So this means you are able to upload and replace the asset, and then automatically send an email to all customers who have bought that asset.

When using URLs as assets, we are not able to upload an asset to someone else’s server. You are in control of the URL so you will need to upload your updated asset yourself, and then replace the link inside the URL asset.

4. Don’t need to worry about storage or bandwidth

Our app notifies you when you hit 80%, 95%, and 100% of the bandwidth used, so you are fully aware when you are reaching a limit. From the Scale plan onwards, you are able to go into bandwidth overages, which means your downloads will not be halted when you reach 100%. Instead, you will be charged a small amount per GB of bandwidth used.

Most other servers like Google Drive or DropBox will not notify you if you reach your bandwidth limit. When last checked, Google Drive allows 800GB bandwidth per month and DropBox allows 200GB per month. When these amounts are reached, they will suspend your account until the month has passed. Not ideal when selling daily!

You are also notified how much storage is available, so there’s no need to worry about using too much.

5. High-grade servers with constant uptime

We use the best servers in the world which are based worldwide in the best locations such as New York, London and more.

6. Fast downloads

Our download speeds are not bottlenecked by technical requirements, and use the full available bandwidth from our servers to your customers’ computers.

Positives to using URLs as assets

There are in fact positives to using URL assets, which suit some store owners better. Here are the reasons below.

1. You are in control of all storage and bandwidth

When using URLs as assets, you can use your own server or cloud storage without needing to upload the files to our app.

You are in control of your bandwidth and storage. This means our app simply acts like the middle-man.

2. You are not limited

When using your server, you can use as much storage as the cloud you are using allows. Our app allows unlimited URL assets and is not limited at all.