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PDF Stamp Troubleshooting

pdf troubleshooting

Learn how to set up PDF stamping and make sure you are ready to sell PDFs. In some rare occurrences, the PDF stamp may not appear on the pages. If your PDF Stamping doesn’t appear on the PDF pages, please contact us, and we will investigate further.

Please check:

Check that you have enabled PDF Stamping

You need to go to:

  1. Go to DDA
  2. Assets page
  3. Click on your PDF asset
  4. Check in the PDF stamping section that you have selected a template
pdf stamping enable

Check the PDF Stamp template

  1. Check if you have selected a colour that stands out
  2. Make sure the font size is big enough to see
  3. Check that the alignment works with your pages

Make sure your PDF is not password protected

If your PDF is password protected, this will prevent DDA from placing any data on the pages. Please make sure the PDFs are not locked when uploading to DDA.

Make sure your PDF is not over 100MB

There is a maximum file size of 100MB to use PDF Stamping. You can easily compress the PDFs to be quite small while maintaining quality.

If you want to compress your PDFs, you can do this here on Adobe’s PDF Compression page.

Check that your file extension is .pdf

It’s important that your file is a true PDF with the file extension .pdf. If it isn’t, then our app will not recognise the asset as a PDF file and will not be able to apply the stamp.


Does PDF Stamping work with external URLs as assets?

No, our app needs to host the PDF to be able to stamp the customer’s details onto the pages and then lock the PDF. When your PDF is hosted somewhere else, it’s not possible for us to control the PDF, it’s only possible to redirect the customer to that external link.

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