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Bandwidth FAQ

Overage bandwidth – from the ‘Scale’ plan and upwards, you have an allocated amount of free bandwidth to use. Any bandwidth used above this free amount will be charged an overage bandwidth charge.

Capped bandwidth – once you have used the total amount of free bandwidth on your plan, you will need to upgrade your plan to get more bandwidth.

The bandwidth overage fees get charged to your Shopify account on the 1st of every month at 12:00am UTC.

Yes. If you upgrade to the next tier plan and get more free bandwidth, the free bandwidth will apply to your account instantly and will reduce your overage charge amount.

You will not be charged bandwidth overage charges instantly when upgrading, only when you downgrade you will be charged instantly. Bandwidth overage charges are billed on the 1st of every month 12:00am UTC.

For example:
If you have used 350GB of bandwidth and you are on the Scale plan which includes 250GB free bandwidth, that means you will have 100GB of bandwidth overage. This will incur a $15 bandwidth overage fee at the rate of $0.15 per GB.

If you upgrade to the Professional plan before the end of the month, which includes 500GB free bandwidth, you now will not have any bandwidth overage charges. You will have only used 350GB out of your 500GB allowance.

Yes. If you have bandwidth overage charges and you downgrade your plan, you will be charged instantly for your overage charges.

If you upgrade, you will not be charged overage charges.

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