Sell Audio Files on Shopify

You may find yourself asking the question if you can sell audio on Shopify. Well, you have come to the right place. You can sell audio on Shopify really quickly and easily. Shopify is a wonderful place for selling digital products in general. I will go into more detail below.

What do I need?

  • You will need a Shopify store – sign up here.
  • Install this Shopify-approved app from their app store (generous free plan available) – Fileflare Digital Downloads
  • Audio files ready to upload and deliver to your customers

Quick rundown

This method works best because it’s the most simplified process, and it’s super easy to set up. The way the digital downloads app works is by running alongside Shopify’s system as an add-on.

It also has a wide range of protection features for your audio files to help combat file sharing and enhance your brand’s professionalism.

It allows you to upload, host, and attach digital files to your Shopify products so that when the products are ordered by your customers, the files are delivered instantly.

All you need to do is:

  1. Set up the Products in your Shopify admin
  2. Upload your audio files to Fileflare by going to the Upload page
  3. Attach the audio files to your Shopify products
  4. Customize the Fileflare settings to suit your brand
  5. Start marketing your store to get sales!

How to set up to sell audio files

Step 1 – Create your products in Shopify

Go to your Shopify store, go to the “Products” page and create your products if you haven’t already.

create products in shopify

When adding your products, there are two things to do when selling digital products like audio and music:

1.1 Mark the product as digital

Go to the Product page and scroll down to the Shipping section. Uncheck the option for “This is a physical product“.

This will inform Shopify to not send the shipping details as they are not relevant, and it will also inform Fileflare that they can fulfil the order in Shopify automatically.

this is a physical product

1.2 Disable the “Track quantity” option

Usually, with digital products, you do not need to track the quantity as you have unlimited stock. Go to the “Inventory” section and disable the “Track quantity” option.

track quantity

Step 2 – Upload your audio files

You need to install the Fileflare Digital Downloads app from the Shopify app store. This one is perfect because it has unlimited bandwidth, orders and products (no limits) on all plans, including the free plan.

It’s best to choose the right app from the start so that all your download links continue to work for previous customers.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
  2. Click “Apps” on the left navigation
  3. Open Fileflare Digital Downloads
  4. Go to the Upload page in the top navigation
  5. Upload your audio files

Bulk-uploading thousands of files:

There are multiple ways to upload files, especially in bulk if you have thousands of files. If you want to explore other methods to add tonnes of files to Fileflare, check this guide.

Step 3 – Attach your audio files to your Shopify products

This is the final step until you are armed and ready to test. To arm your files ready to deliver, you need to attach the uploaded audio files to your products.

Once a product is ordered by a customer, Fileflare will send any attached files instantly via email (there are more options available on paid plans)

  1. Go to your Products page in Fileflare and click on a product
  2. Use the search box to select your uploaded audio files
  3. Click the “Attach” button

You can also do this from the Asset page.

Bulk-attaching thousands of files to your products:

It’s super easy to bulk-attach thousands of audio files to your Shopify products. The method for this is to download a CSV template from Fileflare, then enter the details into the two columns, then upload the CSV and process it.

You can learn how to bulk-attach files by following our guide.


Place a test order

Once you have attached the files, you are ready to go. You can place a test order by using a 100% discount code and following the normal checkout process.

If you do not receive a download email

If you don’t receive the download email instantly, it will probably be because the order status is not “Paid“.

I would go to the Fileflare Orders page, click on the order and see what the warning box says. It will tell you why the downloads were not sent. Please contact Fileflare if you get stuck by using the chatbox.

You can also see our short guide to check why the downloads didn’t send.

Customize the settings

Fileflare has a wide variety of features. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to play with them. You can unlock things like:


If you get stuck with anything and need to ask any questions, drop Fileflare a message using the chatbox in the app’s dashboard or on this Helpdesk page.

Happy selling on Shopify!