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Troubleshooting Download Issues for Customers


Last updated on 1 February 2023

Sometimes the customer can run into issues downloading files. First thoughts, you might think it’s our app causing the issues, but it’s not. This can happen for many easy-to-fix reasons. Please read below!

Having issues with the email sending? Check this to troubleshoot the delivery email.

For store owners:

Please find out what issue your customer is facing. Reply to them and ask them for a screenshot or an error message. Also, try downloading the file yourself, so you can understand what they are experiencing.

Most of the time, the issue is because they have run out of disk space or need to restart their browser/computer because they haven’t restarted in a while, and it is glitching out.

1. Have you set download limitations without realising?


Commonly, this tends to be a limitation that the store owner has set without realising it. The customers will see a similar error message to the image shown below if they have reached a limitation.

Please make sure that you have not set limitations that you are not aware of in “Settings” > “Limitations“.

limitations page
Limitations page in Settings

Important note: If you have set a limitation and need to change it, you can reset the limitations for an individual order by going to the order page and then unchecking the “Use global limitations” box. This will allow you to override the global limitations for this order.

reset limitation
Changing limitations for orders by overriding the global limitations

2. How large is your PDF file? This can be a big problem

Selling large PDF files can cause strain on your customer’s devices. Remember that we need to take into account that some customers may have old mobile phones or computers that aren’t up to date with the latest software.

PDF files shouldn’t be too large. They should be easy and small to download, such as 5MB at most. Most people will download to their mobile phones that don’t have much storage or processing power.

If your PDF is larger, you are causing problems for some devices to process it. You are also using up your customer’s 4G/5G usage, and you are also increasing your bandwidth usage on the app. It’s really beneficial to reduce file sizes on your PDFs.

Compressing the PDF

You can easily reduce the file size without reducing quality by using Adobe’s online PDF compressor.

In case you weren’t aware, Adobe invented the PDF format, so their compressor is the best to use and does not reduce the quality of the content in the PDF.

Replacing the PDF quickly

Once you have compressed it, you can easily replace the current PDF without needing to attach it to products again.

Simply go to your PDF asset in the app, then click the “Replace asset” button. That will just replace the file easily and quickly without you needing to attach it to products again. It also means that old download links for the original file will still work in your customers’ emails.

See a full guide on how to replace your asset.

For customers:

1. Have you got enough disk space?

You would be surprised, but most people who run into errors don’t realise that their hard drive is full. Please make sure you have enough space on your computer.

2. Restart the browser or try a different browser

This works mostly when using a computer. Try to restart your browser (fully close down the app and open it again).

Sometimes this is all it needs, just like computers need to be restarted sometimes. Some browsers can cause issues, especially if you have an outdated version. This can cause problems with privacy and may cause download issues.

Browsers such as Brave can cause problems by blocking downloads as a safety feature. please make sure that you have checked to see if the browser is causing the problem.

Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and it is supportive of web applications and developers. Generally, it’s the best browser to use. It’s sometimes good to try to download in incognito mode because cookies, chrome apps or something could be causing an issue.

chrome market share chart

3. Is your customer trying to download from an older app’s download email

If you had upgraded your digital downloads app to ours, then some previous customers will have received download emails from the old app. You will need to check to see if they are still trying to download from the old email.

If they are, then you can go into our app and resend the new download email.

4. Check if you are on restricted internet (School, Uni, or Work?)

Sometimes there are firewall issues with WiFi at education facilities, workplaces or organisations. They restrict students/workers from downloading from all websites apart from their whitelist of approved sites. Those approved sites are usually a small selection of the ones you need, such as Adobe, Microsoft etc.

This is a security measure to prevent people from wreaking havoc on their servers with potential hacks or viruses from sites they shouldn’t be visiting.

Try downloading from a 4G connection from your phone network and test to see if it works, or wait to go home later that night.

5. If you’re using mobile, check the right folders to find the files


For iPhone, when you download files, they go to the “Files” app. This is also your iCloud folder.

If you downloaded using Safari, you can access your downloads in the “Downloads” folder in Safari.

Learn how to locate downloaded files on iPhone.

files app
saving files on iphone


Learn where files are saved to.

6. Check the ISP connection

Sometimes you are still connected to WiFi, but there may not be an internet connection. Check with your ISP for outages on their network.

Read this if the WiFi is connected but no internet.

7. Check your WiFi device drivers

macOS will probably be OK in this scenario, but Windows or Linux may need some attention. Check your drivers to make sure they are up to date.

8. Browser apps causing problems

Try downloading the files using Chrome Incognito mode.

If it works, you may have a bad Chrome app installed in your browser. Some apps can interfere with the download links and change the URL.

We have special URLs to protect your files from being shared with others, so the URL will be broken if any apps interfere with it.

Incognito mode removes all apps from the browser.

9. Restart the computer

Restarting the computer is one of the most common fixes for many software issues. Things can build up in your memory cache or even your OS. Sometimes just a simple restart will solve most of your software issues.

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