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Troubleshooting Upload Issues


1. Check your internet connection

I know it’s obvious, but sometimes the internet connection plays up. Double-check that it’s working.

Also, make sure that your files aren’t too large for your internet speed. If your internet speed isn’t fast enough, you may need to find a better connection.

Check our blog if you’re selling large digital files.

2. Check you have storage available

There is no upload maximum file size using Downloadable Digital Assets. As long as you are within your plan storage amount, you will be able to upload any file.

Check to see if you haven’t used up all the storage on your account by going to the “Stats” page.

3. Avoid doing bulk uploads

Only upload one or two files at a time. When you add loads to upload, it can slow down enough to fail. This also depends on how fast your internet connection is and if it can handle the number of files you are uploading.

4. Restart your router

Restarting your router gives the router a refresh. All devices need to be restarted once in a while to reset their settings, just like computers do.

5. Try using a different hard drive to upload from

We’ve seen some customers have problems uploading from specific hard drives. Try moving your files to a different drive and upload from there.

6. Restart your browser or use a different browser

Restarting the browser is a common fix for a lot of problems with websites. You would be surprised how common it fixes most issues.

Full close your browser and open it up again.

7. Try using mobile data

Mobile data creates a whole new connection and can help you diagnose what the issue could be. If it doesn’t help changing to mobile data, then the problem lies with something other than the WiFi or connection.

8. Check the work WiFi if you’re at work

Someitmes workplaces block specific actions for security. Make sure that they aren’t blocking uploads or transferring.

9. Make sure the file is not corrupted

Corrupted files may fail to upload, mainly at the end of the upload. This could be caused by savingin the file on your computer from where you created it.

10. Disable browser add-ons

Some add-ons can cause problems with specific items on your page. Check to see if any of them are causing problems. Using Chrome Incognito mode is a quick method to test this.

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