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How to use


DDA was built to be Shopify’s easiest-to-use digital downloads app.

Benefits of using our app – Unique digital file protection like no other, 100% deliverability rates, the fastest download speeds possible using top-grade CDNs, proven high-grade security, scalable & affordable, 24/7 support, fraud prevention, & enhanced customer checkout experience, just to name a few.


Essential setup

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3 Simple Steps

It only takes 3 steps to set up, be armed, and ready to sell.

Step 1 - Upload

After you have installed the app to your Shopify store, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard > Apps > open up the app
  2. Then upload your files by going to the “Assets” page
  3. Click on the “Upload new assets” button

Step 2 - Attach

Your Shopify products/variants are automatically imported from your store directly to the app.

Simply attach the uploaded files directly to the relevant Shopify products/variants. When a Shopify product sells, the attached files will be delivered to the customer.

Got thousands of products?

Step 3 - Customise

Now you’re armed & ready to sell! Next, you should make sure to follow these options to give the best experience to your customers:

  1. Customise the settings & branding, such as languages, custom email templates, PDF Stamping, download limitations, & much more.

  2. Make sure you read the Checklist to make sure your store is ready & set up correctly to sell digital products.

  3. If you get stuck with anything, check our Beginner’s Guide, scroll down for the video walkthrough, or contact us for an ultra-fast reply!

Complete Video Walkthrough

Feel free to watch our video walkthrough which shows you the whole process, from beginning to end.