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How To Uninstall Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify App

how to uninstall app

Last updated on 25 September 2022

Simply just remove the app from your app list, and that’s all you need to do to cancel your subscription. Please see below for removing code after uninstallation.

We abide by Shopify’s rules and will delete your personal data 48 hours after uninstallation unless you reinstall it again within that time.

Code to remove

The only code that is implemented in your store is the customer account download links. You would have needed to manually place that yourself upon enabling it. To remove it, simply:

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
  2. Go to “Online store” > “Themes”
  3. Click “Actions” > “Edit code”
  4. Go to the “Customers/order.liquid” file
customers/order.liquid file
  1. Find the code snippet:
<div id='digitalAssets'></div>
  1. Delete this code and click “Save”
  2. Done!