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Notifying customers of an updated file (temp solution)

update asset

You are still able to replace the old file in DDA. It is just the “notify previous customers” function that is in maintenance.

If you are looking to notify customers after updating your file, read this. We are currently revamping the “Replace asset & notify” function to make it better for you. While we revamp it, we have another method to notify customers by sending a download email informing them of a new update. It’s called the “Release date” feature.

The new “Asset replace notify” function will be released in the coming weeks. This tutorial is a temporary solution in the meantime.

You have a few ways of notifying customers:

  1. Using DDA’s release date function (method written below)
  2. Notify using your own email marketing software, such as Klaviyo, Omnisend etc. You can inform them to download from their previous download emails or from their customer accounts.

What you need to do (DDA method)

You will need to upgrade to the Premium plan 7-day free trial to do this. You can do this using your free trial, so you will not be charged for it. You can then downgrade afterwards if you desire.

1. Edit email template

Edit the “Pre-order email template” to explain to your customers that this is a new updated file.

2. Upload the new version of the file to DDA

Go to the “Upload” page and upload the new file.

3. Attach the new file to the same Shopify products the old version is attached to

Attach the file to the same Shopify products that the old file version is attached to (so it triggers the email to send to the same orders).

4. Set the release date/time on the new file

Set a release date/time on the new file. This will trigger emails to be sent to your customers who have bought the Shopify products that this file is attached to.

  1. You can do this by going to Assets
  2. Then clicking on your file
  3. Click the pencil icon next to “Release date/time” and set a time to send the emails
image 1
image 2

The new file will be sent to your customers.

5. Replace the old version in DDA, so that old download links in previous emails work

I would also recommend replacing the old version of the file with the new one in DDA. This means any customers that try to access the old download links they originally got, will get the newest updated version of the file.

  1. Go to the old file in DDA
  2. Click the “Repalce asset” button
  3. Upload the new asset
  4. When asked to inform customers, click “No” because you have already informed them

This means the old file’s download links will have the new version. So if a customer tried to download from their old download email, they will get the newest version.

6. Detach the old asset from the Shopify products (don’t delete it)

Now, you should detach the old asset from the Shopify products so that both files don’t get delivered when a new order is placed. The newly released file will be the one we want to keep sending going forwards.

How the pre-order feature works & things to know

Please read these rules so you understand how it works! This is really important.

  • Multiple releases at the same time: 1 email will be sent per digital file. If you release 2 files, 2 download emails will be sent to your customer. If you plan to release multiple assets at the same time, please use the customer account downloads feature and inform your customers to access them there.
  • Time rules: The date/time calendar is set using your local time (computer time). Please keep this in mind if you are in a different timezone to your store.
  • How it delivers: An email will be sent to your customers with the download links of the pre-ordered asset. Also, the downloads will appear on the customer order pages in their accounts if you have the customer account download option enabled.
  • Who gets it: The release date asset will be sent to anyone who has ordered the products that the asset is attached to at the release time you have set.
  • Attaching to products: If you attach the asset to a product that has already been ordered, the asset release will send to everyone who has ordered that product. You can disable email delivery by following this guide if you just want to deliver files in the customer accounts.
  • Email delivery rate: The emails will be sent at a steady pace, one after another. Emails will not be sent at the same time. Once the release date is reached, it will trigger a queue to deliver to your customers.

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